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TUCoPS :: Linux :: Apps N-Z :: vmware3.htm

VMware - partially bypass xlock





    Benjamin  Elijah  Griffin  found  following.   A  few weeks ago he
    noticed  that  running  the  VMware  virtual computer on his linux
    box   he   could   access   the   guest   OS   screen  by  hitting
    <ctrl><alt><F8>.  Benjamin gave some more thought and wondered if
    one could switch displays while xlock was in place.

    It turns out that it works.  His (brief) testing seems to show the
    keyboard and mouse are locked, but  it is possible to see what  is
    on the screen.


    If You look at the  vmware groups at you  will see
    that they are aware of the  problem but don't seem to consider  it
    severe.  The issue is  not restricted to full-screen mode,  though
    that may introduce other issues.

    Workaround: use a screen  lock in the 'guest'  operating system(s)
    you have running when you want to lock your display.

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