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VMware Workstation 4.0.1 (for Linux systems) vulnerability

- -----------

The following products have a vulnerability that can allow a non-root =
user of
the host system to delete files.

VMware Workstation 4.0.1 (for Linux systems) build 5289 and earlier =
releases =20

- --------------

By manipulating symbolic links, a non-root user can delete files in any

Customers running any version of VMware Workstation (for Windows =
systems) are not subject to this vulnerability.=20


VMware plans to release a patch that will resolve this problem
shortly.  VMware will announce details when available.

- - How to get the patched release
- - How to install a patched release
- - A knowledge base article

- -----

* VMware thanks Paul Szabo of the University of Sydney for alerting us
to this vulnerability.

His Web page is at:=20

- -----------------
This document is clear signed with PGP. =20

VMware has the PGP public key available at

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in an indication that the PGP signature for this message is not valid.  =
may also occur if this message is forwarded through another email =
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a file
and then running PGP on it.

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