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TUCoPS :: Linux :: General :: b06-3476.htm

rPSA-2006-0122-1 kernel
rPSA-2006-0122-1 kernel

rPath Security Advisory: 2006-0122-1
Published: 2006-07-07
Products: rPath Linux 1
Rating: Major
Exposure Level Classification:
    Local Deterministic Denial of Service
Updated Versions:


    Previous versions of the kernel package are vulnerable to two denial
    of service attacks.  The first allows any local user to fill up file
    systems by causing core dumps to write to directories to which they
    do not have write access permissions.  The second applies only to
    systems using the SCTP protocol, which is not enabled by default,
    and the tools required to configure it (lksctp-tools) are not included
    in rPath Linux.  This vulnerability, which cannot apply to systems
    without lksctp-tools installed, enables a remote denial of service
    attack in which specially-crafted packets can crash the system.

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