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TUCoPS :: HP/UX :: vvault6.htm

HP-UX VirtualVault TGP vulnerability



    HP9000 Series 7/800 running  HP-UX 10.24 (VVOS) with  VirtualVault
    A.03.50  (either  US/Canada  or  International), _ONLY_ with patch
    PHSS_17692 installed.


    Following   is   based   on   HP   Support   Information  Digests.
    VirtualVault A.03.50 patch  PHSS_17692 introduced a  vulnerability
    in the Trusted  Gateway Proxy (TGP)  that could allow  programs to
    be proxied by the TGP without having proper access.


    This problem can be eliminated by installing the following  patch,
    which supersedes the original PHSS_17692.  HP recommends that  the
    following patch be loaded as applicable for HP-UX 10.24 (VVOS):

        with VirtualVault A.03.50 (International):      PHSS_20476
        with VirtualVault A.03.50 (US/Canada):          PHSS_20476

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