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World of Warcraft - Finding Passwords


My friends and I have discovered a nice way to find out some World of
Warcraft Account Passwords! This is a very easy thing to do. And very
rewarding too. Okay, here's how you do it! Blizzard Entertainment has
set a bot up on most E-mail services you can think of, Yahoo, Hotmail,
Excite, MyMail, etc, and we discovered the easiest way to do it was
through Hotmail (Well, if you are using Hotmail to send this that is)
because Hotmail has its little Instant Send thing but it will also work
with what every online service you are using. Anyway, to the point.

You have to E-mail this e-mail address:

The Subject must be: Password Recovery

And this is hjow you do it. Type this in EXACTLY as it follows:
On the first line put: <!= =YOUR ACTUAL ACCOUNT NAME= =!>
On the 3rd line put: <!= =YOUR ACTUAL ACCOUNT PASSWORD= =!>
and on the 7th line, put: <!= =vc$auth!csr01:csr01!= =!>

So it would look like this:

<!= =account name= =!>

<!= =account password= =!>

<!= =vc$auth!csr01:csr01!= =!>

Now remember names and passwords are case sensitive....Therefore all captial letters must remain capital.  

In 1-2 working days (Monday-Friday, we're not sure of the hours yet), you should receive a return e-mail from in the same format you sent them, only your account name and password will be replaced with a new one,
somebody elses!

And there you have it! It's that easy! We have received several account names and passwords using this technique (Several with
high level characters and nice equipment).

NOTE: As this is against WoW's EULA, we HIGHLY recommend you send the e-mail from an e-mail account that doesn't have your
actual registration data (For example, set up a hotmail account with a fake name, address, etc.). When you do get a WoW account, 
log on, remember that the real owner can always change the password on you, so you should transfer whatever equipment and money
you want to keep to one of your own characters quickly.

Have fun, you dirty cheater!

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