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TUCoPS :: Games :: pspnet.txt

Rescued from Wikipedia deletion: How to get free internet on a PSP

by etafelt
Released under GFDL (posted to Wikipedia 2007/11/05)

This is actually realy cool I bought my psp 2 monthes ago and I have accessed the internet free.

I live in a small town and there Is a building across the road that has a wireless lan 

This Is how i get there internet.

1.go to psp internet 
2. select new connection 
3. scan for wireless lans 
4. when you pick one up click on it. But it must have no security 
5. go throught to the end and press save 
6. select the network connection 
7.It will say connecting to access point 
8. then it will say obtaining IP adress and soon if you are lucky it will work first go, but just keep trying if it doesnt 

HAVE FUN DONT GO ON BAD WEBSITES       ........... NOT!!!!!!!

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