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TUCoPS :: Cisco :: napl5625.htm

Cisco VPN Client remote overflows
12th Aug 2002 [SBWID-5625]

	Cisco VPN client remote overflows


	 * Microsoft Windows-based PC.

	 * Red Hat Version 6.2 Linux (Intel), or compatible distribution, using

	   kernel Version 2.2.12 or later. It does not support kernel Version 2.5.

	 * Solaris UltraSPARC running a 32-bit kernel OS Version 2.6 or later.

	 * Mac OS X Version 10.1.0 or later.


	 All VPN Client software programs, earlier than version 3.6 and earlier

	 than version 3.5.4, on all platforms are affected by this vulnerability.

	 This includes the previous Cisco Secure VPN Client and the the Cisco VPN

	 3000 Client software programs.


	In  Cisco  security  advisory  entitled  "Cisco  VPN   Client   Multiple
	Vulnerabilities", Cisco informs us of multiple  overflow  in  their  VPN
	clients that includes : IKE with  SPI  option  of  more  than  16  bytes
	overflows, IKE no options longer than  57  bytes  overflows,  a  certain
	0-length payload packet causes DoS. Details are available from  original
	advisory :



	See :


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