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Cisco Catalyst 5000 switch compatibility crash



    Cisco Catalyst 5000 switch


    Computer Reseller News reported something 'interesting'.  MS found
    out about an incompatibility between Windows XP and Cisco Systems'
    Catalyst  5000  switch.   The  conflicts  can cause your corporate
    networks to  crash.   The unexpected  incompatibility sits between
    the 802.1x wireless security feature  in Windows XP and the  Cisco
    switch software that has a bug.

    This week, Redmond sent an  e-mail to all of Microsoft  Consulting
    Services (MCS) to  not plug Windows  XP machines into  any network
    without explicit  approval of  the client's  IT department.   What
    seems to have  happened is that  a Microsoft consultant  plugged a
    laptop running Windows XP into a site and took the entire  company

    Some adventurous  souls in  Xerox did  the same,  and brought  the
    whole network down.  Xerox  sent an email to all  50,000 employees
    and told them that if they plugged in WXP and brought the  network
    down,  they  would  pay  for  the  damage  out  of their paycheck.
    Sounds like they mean it.


    Cisco has a fix on its website.

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