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TUCoPS :: Cisco :: cisc5473.htm

Cisco ONS15454 IP TOS Bit Vulnerability
20th Jun 2002 [SBWID-5473]

	Cisco ONS15454 IP TOS Bit Vulnerability


	Cisco  ONS  software  releases  3.1.0  to  3.2.0,  both  inclusive,  are



	In Cisco Security Advisory, Revision 1.0, For Public Release  2002  June
	19 at 1500 UTC :

	\" When an IP packet with non-zero TOS bits in its  header  is  received
	by the TCC on its LAN interface, this  causes  software  versions  3.1.0
	and  later  to  reset  the  TCC.  When  the  crafted  packets  are  sent
	repeatedly, both TCCs reset leaving no active TCC in the platform. \"

	for detailed advisory see  :



	see above url

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