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TUCoPS :: Cisco :: cisc5255.htm

Cisco Aironet DoS via telnet
11th Apr 2002 [SBWID-5255]

	Cisco Aironet DoS via telnet


	 All releases up to, but excluding, 11.21 are vulnerable. The following

	 hardware products are affected :


	   * Cisco Aironet Access Point 340 and 350

	   * Cisco Aironet Bridge 350



	In Cisco advisory
	 [] :


	It is possible to cause Cisco  Aironet  products  to  reboot  if  Telnet
	access is enabled and a password is  required  for  authorization.  This
	can be accomplished by providing an invalid username and password.

	By repeatedly  exploiting  this  vulnerability  an  attacker  can  cause
	denial of service.


	The workaround for this vulnerability is to disable Telnet access.

	This vulnerability is fixed in release 11.21, which is available now.

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