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TUCoPS :: Browsers :: ie118~1.htm

IE6 invalid URL crash





    Joseph Mallett found following.  Requesting the url:

    either by entering  it into the  address bar or  redirection to it
    (via a  CGI) causes  IE6 public  preview [on  a winme machine with
    all windowsupdates  installed as  of yesterday]  to crash  with an
    "abnormal program exit".

    This was tried with older IE6 betas, as well as the public preview
    on Win2K and Win98 machines and ppl were able to duplicate results
    from WinME...


    Entering  that  URL  into  IE6  2530.0001  on Windows 2000 Pro SP2
    gives no problems at all.  SP2 seems to address this issue.

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