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Phishing hole found in IE and OE
Phishing hole found in IE and OE

Another major vulnerability has been found in Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Outlook Express. The flaw is in the way that these applications can be manipulated in simple HTML code to display an URL other than the one specified in a link, to be displayed in the status bar.

The status bar is the first place users look, or at least should look when following any link in an email or on a website to ensure that the link is taking them to where it says it is. HTML that utilizes this vulnerability can change what is displayed in the status bar of these applications, thus leading to a possible major phishing hole that can be used in very serious ways.

Proof of concept code has been released and a description of how the flaw is utilized has been published. Below is an example of the flaw, and if you are using Internet Explorer to view this page, then in the status bar, you will see, however if you are using Firefox, then you will see If you click on the link in Internet Explorer you will be directed to, however in Firefox, you will go to

Here is the code:


href="" target="_blank">
href="" target="_blank">
An example and this article can be seen at: If you did use Internet Explorer to open the link, then maybe you should read about Firefox here, and consider switching. Mozilla also has a beautiful product to replace Outlook Express too.

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