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NullyFake - Site Spoofing in MSIE
NullyFake - Site Spoofing in MSIE

SUBJ: NullyFake - Site Spoofing in MSIE 
FROM: Liu Die Yu 


ie6.zhcn.sp1.up2date running on : 2004/08/15
ie6.en.sp1.up2date running on : 2004/08/15
(xpsp2 does not appear at windows update website, so my computers with copyright winxp don't have it installed)

just fake the location field - just useful for cheating people to input some stuff :-))))) 

i reported to ms ages ago, but got no reply so far. 

so, why i'm wasting another ie bug by publishing it? 

just to pass a message:   is running :-) 

- all guys and orgz listed at

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