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IE/0DAY -> Insider Prototype
IE/0DAY -> Insider Prototype

Internet Explorer 6 SP1 running on Windows XP(Home Edition) Service Pack 1a
Updated on 2004/07/21 GMT+800

"the-insider" exploit was first noticed by the-insider: g:fulldisclosure_message-2004060050
and then documented by jelmer: g:fulldisclosure_message-2004060124 

[what is new]
the exploit is complicated.

i just simplified the exploit and made a very small demo of the xss
i hope it helps those who are confused by tons of code there in the

the prototype is actually extremely simple - and cool.

that's all.

[request your comment on]
btw, what do you think of 
do you prefer just reading selected messages?
i can make iebug display selected messages only; i can enable all
visitors to vote for a message - or you have a better idea for

please comment on and let me know.
Security and Vulnerability Discussion related to Internet Explorer,
Outlook, Java Virtual Machine and Windows Media Player found at
bugtraq, full-disclosure and microsoft security bulletin


have a nice day,

greetingz fly to: the Pull and dror
and all real full-disclosure guys, especially: malware and jelmer
and at last,but not least, all guys who helped improving winblox, epecially:
mdc12 and morning_wood
for contributing their code - it's a shame that i got some goddamned exams in
the remaining june.

i deleted all my email messages, please resend your email if i missed.

liu die yu 

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