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TUCoPS :: Browsers :: hack1115.htm

new IE vuln
Fw: new IE vurn

hey guys, i think theres a new IE vurn going about, as i was told to visit

 wanna see my site? 
 omg this is funny 
 check me out!! :D 
 wanna see my site? 

after visiting this site, i noticed "dllhost32.exe" in my system32
directory, this is not picked up by any antivirus scanner. it advertises the
website above in IRC and on msn, it then stops conversations on mirc
appearing on your screen so you dont know there is any activity in any of
the rooms

after visiting this site, i did not get any warning from IE whatsoever, and
i have all the latest microsoft security fixes installed.

is this yet another security flaw in microsoft IE?.


delete dllhost32.exe and restart mirc, everything appears to work fine.

any information about this would be appreciated.

taken from (dont click it) 
looks like another hole in IE!.

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