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Sql injection in BLOG:CMS
Sql injection in BLOG:CMS
Sql injection in BLOG:CMS

There are some sql injections in BLOG:CMS v4.1 (and maybe before versions) ,
which can be exploited by both users and non user visitors :

The "xagent", "xpath", "xreferer" and "xdns" parameters are not checked
properly before passed to sql query in /admin/plugins/NP_Log.php .

The "pitem" parameter is not checked properly in /admin/plugins/NP_Poll.php .

The "pageRef" variable is not set properly for logged in users
in /admin/plugins/NP_Referrer.php .

Version 4.1.1 has been released ( . 

The original advisory (in Persian) is located at : 

- Omid

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