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TUCoPS :: Dialup BBSes :: crashcom.txt

C-64: Crashing Commodore BBSes I

		     !	  How To Crash a Commadore BBS	  !
		     !	  +--------------------------+	  !
		     !	  !Written By: The Highwayman!	  !
		     !	  +--------------------------+	  !
		     !	  (C) 1985 - Chaotic Computing	  !
		     !	     Call These Cool BBS's:       !
		     !The Black Musket Inn   (415)659-1967!
		     !The Seadog BBSCCat-Fur (415)657-4076!
		     !Hideout Cat-Fur	     (415)490-4131!
		     !Shrine of Chaos	     (415)659-1967!
		     !Haunted House	     (415)941-7256!
		     !Black Musket Inn Exch. (415)490-4131!

!Part One - How to crash a RAVICS BBS!

  Try to chat with the sysop.  If it starts to say "Attemp #1" and so on, then
just hit 'C' >VERY< fast a few hundred times.  After it pages the sysop about 30
times it will give an out of memory error in such and such a line.

!  Part Two - How to crash an IIBBS  !

  This will only work if the sysop is running either an un-modified version of
IIBBS, or he has the very first version.  Log on as a new user.  Log off and
then log on again as a new user.  Then log off and try to log on again as the
SECOND new user you logged in as.  In the old version, the BBS dosn't initialize
the drive after writing to the relative file.  Therefore, when you try to log in
as the second new user, it will try to read past the bad position but will never
find it.  This will leave his drive spinning until he can come in and reset the
system.  If it dosn't work the first time try again with two more new users, and
so on.	The system will just sit there send

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