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TUCoPS :: Dialup BBSes :: bbshack.txt

Misc: Many backdoors to BBSes

February 5, 1995
This is a list of backdoors to various BBS's this list is ONLY to warn
SysOp's and Co-SysOp's of the danger...I will not take responsibility if
for some reason the bad guys get a hold of this file and by no means will I
replace your fucken computer after the bad guys trash it!!!  This is only
to warn all you SysOp's out there...If you don't like it get better BBS
software!!!  That's about it for now...

Acid BBS Backdoors
From Main Menu:  TripOnThis
     File Menu:  TripOnThis
  Message Menu:  TripOnThis
    Doors Menu:  AccessDenied

Celerity BBS Backdoors
From Main Menu:  Zeebraa7
     File Menu:  ForLeafs
  Message Menu:  Thurber

Charisma BBS Backdoors
From Matrix Menu:  Buzz-Ed
       Main Menu:  Freekees
       File Menu:  U_Stupid_Asshole!
        BBS List:  IHearWeaselz

Extreme BBS Backdoors
From Matrix Menu:  FireStorm
       Main Menu:  DieThief
       File Menu:  Bach-Rulez
    Message Menu:  Bach-Rulez
      Doors Menu:  SaladBowl
        BBS List:  Bach-Rulez

Fusion BBS Backdoors
From Main Menu:  BartDude
     File Menu:  Dingbats

LSD BBS Backdoors
From Matrix Menu:  JellyDoughnuts
       Main Menu:  RogerWilco
       File Menu:  MeeMeeMeean
    Message Menu:  HellAwaits

Oblivion/2 BBS Backdoors
From Main Menu:  HeyYouGuys
     File Menu:  Deadwood
  Message Menu:  IndiansRule

Renegade BBS  Backdoors
From Main Menu:  //King Cott

Tag BBS Backdoors
From Login Prompt:  Me The Aventurer
    Anywhere Else:  //CallItBadLuck

Telegard BBS Backdoors
From Main Menu:  I_Perfected_WWIV
     File Menu:  I_Perfected_WWIV
  Message Menu:  I_Perfected_WWIV
Reading E-Mail:  Blacklist

Vision/2  BBS Backdoors
From Matrix Menu:  Vision-X_Blows
       File Menu:  ClingOnToMe

Vision-X BBS Backdoors
From Matrix Menu:  WeHateThieves!
       Main Menu:  Slavelord_Sux
       File Menu:  BrakeThe_Rulez!
    ANSI Gallery:  [Upload a trojan called Vision-X.EXE]

This file was Uploaded by Shaggy...Not all these Backdoors may be active for
only two reasons the SysOp may have fixed the Backdoors already or a new
release of software is being used...
*Call These Awesome BBS's!!!                                               *
*                                                                          *
*The Lost Souls                Node 1   445-6811                           *
*Visual Scream                 Node 1   499-8886                           *
*The Zoo                       Node 1   458-2188                           *
*Berkshire County BBS          Node 1   743-1778   Nodes 2+3   743-9928    *
*The Void!!!                   Node 1   743-2373                           *

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