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TUCoPS :: Antique Systems :: waol.txt

A cool thing for AOL onliners

                                          ***How To Hack America On Line***
                                                     By: The Hooded Bobs
                                                The hooded bobs are currently...
                                                ThE cRowE, IckleMe and Ersatz

      First of all, this file will be of the most help to the beggining
hacker on AOL, while most experienced hackers will find most of the
information useful, but not all will be new to them.  Now on with the

      We will start out with easy things...

                                              ***How to send random IM's***

      Go to "Send instant message" under the members pull down menu.  Now, in
the space where it says "To", space over *exactly* ten (10) times.  Then type
in the message and send!  Easy, huh?

                    NOTE: this trick might also work with mail, try it 'cuz we haven't!

                                            ***How to do Text Manipulation***

                           1st, using your mouse, highlight three lines of
text in the chat room.  Make sure that all three lines have been said by
different people, and that you also highlight their screen names!  Then, go
to the edit bar, and select copy.  After that, Click your mouse on the spot
where you write what you want to say...  Then go back up to the edit bar, and
click paste.  All of the text that you have highlighted should show up where
you type in what you want to say.  Now, find the screen name that has 2
little sqaures in front of it, and 1 behind it.  Delete everything, except
that and the colon in-between them.  Once you've done that, type what you
want to say after the squares, and type the persons screen name for who you
want to say it in side the squares.  Then just send it, and it should
work...if it doesn't then you must REALLY be a lamer!

                             ***How to d/l for free and talk while downloading***

                                                   1. Start the dowload.

			          2. Hit ALT-TAB

                                  3. Once you are in program manager hit ALT-F4

	                    4. Windows will then say Exiting Windows "yes" 
  	                    or "cancel"...hit yes

		         5. AOL will then ask you if you want to exit

                          			6. Hit "no"
                  	     7. Your cursor will come back, you then can go 
		        to a chat area and talk while your download
		        it still going.

	                    8. The download window will still be there until
		      the download is complete

	                     9. If you wanna download for free, do what
		          I explained above and instead of staying
	                        in a chat area and talking just go into	
		          a free area while it's downloading.

                                         ***How to chat for free on AOL***

     Ok...the first thing you do is click on the box at the bottom that says
discover AOL.  Now choose "Best of AOL".  Then minimize both windows.
Next...minimize the welcome screen...Ok almost enter the free
area and go to the "Windows" pull down
menu.  Select "Best of AOL".  When it asks you if you want to leave the free
area select "NO".  Guess what?  The window opens anyway.  Now move down until
you see "Chat Live".  Click on it and it sends you to chat.  Essentialy you
are in the free area but accessing chat. That's it.  You are chatting for

     As far as I can tell this method is not only foolproof but also
GuideProof!:)  I logged on with a hacked account and found a guide and talked
to her for 30 minutes and she never said anything so maybe they can't tell at
all.  Well we'll see.  Just remember this if they DO find out about it, it
will be a HELL of a lot easier for them figure out who is doing this than it
was for them to figure out who the fives were.  

     NOTE: To send mail, look at mail, download mail, etc. just open up and
minmize your mailbox instead or along with "Best Of AOL"
     NOTE: You can minimize anything for this trick to work, not JUST "Best
Of AOL".

                                    ***Using credit card numbers on AOL***

     To use credit cards to pay for online time you must first know a couple
of things...Visa numbers always start with a 4, master card a 5, etc.  This
is all you need to know!  I will give you 20 free Visa Card numbers.  But if
you got this file pack in it's entirety then you have that
generates credit card numbers and you won't need these.

1. 4327 979 908 053 | 6. 4327 513 175 359 |11. 4327 541 277 508 |16. 4327 699 885 466
2. 4327 475 650 241 | 7. 4327 693 042 353 |12. 4327 213 005 955 |17. 4327 575 373 843
3. 4327 708 537 397 | 8. 4327 437 415 246 |13. 4327 549 966 235 |18. 4327 673 545 433
4. 4327 381 115 982 | 9. 4327 435 026 342 |14. 4327 490 283 044 |19. 4327 235 019 000
5. 4327 435 821 072 |10. 4327 253 726 320|15. 4327 396 359 385|  20. 4327 758 958 295

                                        ***The fine art of password fishing***

      All this is, is using text manipulation to act as an authority and ask
for passwords. But here are some passwords\screen names that will work for you.

Screen name\password:                       
                                                            if you change the password for these scrn names,
                                                            or hell if you just get new ones, tell mi am ThE cRowE  
1) KenMcP \ HACK                                just ask around i will be on-line.   
2)Luann Jamo \ lobeck                             
3)Jbatl4 \ Jbalt4                                          
5)SusanM2273 \ 6180
7)Packfan \ wolfpack

                                           ***How to boot people off-line***

       To do this trick the person MUST be on a PC!  IM someone or get them
to IM you, when they reply type something in the message box and copy it, now hold down
Control-L and keep on pressing send.  This overloads the memory or some shit
like that and they will be gone in a few minutes.

                                                  ***The "Ghost" trick*** 

                                    THIS ONLY WORKS ON WINDOWS AOL

		1. Hit CTRL-N, this opens up a new untitled file

   		2. Hit the space bar and hit Enter.

		3. Hit the space bar and hit Enter again.

		3. Continue this 10-15 times.

		4. Highlight all of the lines with the mouse.

		5. Go to the Edit menu and choose Copy.

		6. Close the CTRL-N window.

		7. Make sure the cusor is in the send box in the chat 

		8. Go to the Edit menu again and choose Paste.

		9. You should see a bunch of boxes in the send box 
		   in the chat area.

	              10.Now Hit enter. And presto...ghost screen!


If you have this file in zip. form then it SHOULD have come with these files: to hack aol Master Two


    The Hooded Bobs would like to thank Chronic, Blue Demon and all the others who gave
us their tricks to put this great file together!


ALL of the activites described above ARE illegal and are to be used for
ENTERTAINMENT purposes ONLY!  "The Hooded Bobs" are not responsible for your
mishaps!  Remember... we warned you!!!!

                   STAY TUNED FOR MORE FILES/PROGRAMS FROM "The Hooded Bobs"

               If you liked this file get in touch with ThE cRowE he will the happy to talk to you 
 Another file downloaded from:                                NIRVANAnet(tm)

 &TOTSE                510/935-5845   Walnut Creek, CA         Taipan Enigma
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 Lies Unlimited        801/278-2699 Salt Lake City, UT            Mick Freen
 Atomic Books          410/669-4179      Baltimore, MD               Baywolf
 Sea of Noise          203/886-1441        Norwich, CT             Mr. Noise
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 Frayed Ends of Sanity 503/965-6747     Cloverdale, OR              Flatline
 The Ether Room        510/228-1146       Martinez, CA Tiny Little Super Guy
 Hacker Heaven         860/456-9266        Lebanon, CT         The Visionary
 The Shaven Yak        510/672-6570        Clayton, CA             Magic Man
 El Observador         408/372-9054        Salinas, CA         El Observador
 Cool Beans!           415/648-7865  San Francisco, CA        G.A. Ellsworth
 DUSK Til Dawn         604/746-5383   Cowichan Bay, BC         Cyber Trollis
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                          "Raw Data for Raw Nerves"

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