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TUCoPS :: Antique Systems :: vaxvmsus.txt

Advanced VMS hacking

               /                             \
               |       Inside Vax/Vms        |
               |   Using Command Procedures  |
               |                             |
               |            By               |
               |       Master Blaster        |
               Advanced Telecommunications Inc.

Note: The following is geared for the more advanvced hacker.

     Part 1: Using Command Procedures.
             ----- ------- ----------

     You  can  use  command procedures to automate  sequences  of 
commands that you use quite often.  For example,  if you  always 
use  the  DIRECTORY command after you move to  a  Sub-Directory 
where  work  files  are  kept,  you can write  a  simple  command 
procedure to issue the SET DEFAULT and DIRECTORY commands for you.  
The following example, GO_DIR.COM, contains two commands:

$ Set Default [perry.accounts]
$ directory

Instead of using each command alone,  you can execute  GO_DIR.COM 
with the @ command:

$ @Go_Dir

This  command tells the DCL command interpreter to read the  file 
GO_DIR.COM and executes the commands in the file.   So the command 
interpreter  sets  your  default  directory  to[PERRY.ACCOUNTS]  and 
issues the DIRECTORY command.

Note: DCL means Digital Command Language. (sorry)

Formatting Command Procedures 
---------- ------- ----------
     Use  the  DCL command CREATE to create and format a  command 
procedure.   When you name the command procedure,  use the default 
file type COM.  If you use this default, you don't have to use the 
file type when you execute the procedure with the @ command.

Command  procedures  contain DCL commands that you want  the  DCL 
command  intepreter  to execute and data lines that are  used  by 
these commands.  Commands must begin with a dollar sign.  You can 
start the command string just  after the dollar sign.

Data lines do not start with a dollar sign.h|Data lines are  used 
as  input  data for commands.   Data lines are used ba7*UUVs[_2c!.VV1e%MMU
=55995RjRD  following  examle shows command and data lines in a  command 

$ mail
Did you get my memo?
$ Show users thomas

The first 0%9 is a command and must start with a "$".   The next 
lines  are data lines that are used by the mail  function;  these 
lines must not start with "$".

Using Multiple Lines for One Command
----- --------

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