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TUCoPS :: Antique Systems :: vaxdef.txt

Vax Defaults

        This file is a compilation of at least 5 minutes of work looking
through various text files and notes and buffer captures.  All the defaults
I could find are on here.  Everyone of the accounts could also have
NO PASSWORD, so try <cr> too.  Theres no end to stupidity.  The most likely
to the no password accounts are the guest and demo accounts.

                               UNIX DEFAULTS

Username:               Password:,Password:,Password:,ect.
OPERATOR                OPERATOR
SYSTEST                 UETP
FIELD                   FIELD,SERVICE
GUEST                   GUEST,<CR>
DEMO                    DEMO,<CR>
DECNET                  DECNET

-partial list-
If you have any other default accounts, or ones that keep seeming to
pop onto different systems, or if you know some of the default passwords
to accounts w/out passwords on this list please update this file.

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