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TUCoPS :: Antique Systems :: vax_7.txt

Hacking Vax Part 7

Subject:   What's Hacking VAX Special - 7
From:      David Lightman (Level 30) [A dude who wanted access]
To:        ALL
Sent:      3/1/90 at 3:00 pm


           Occasionally  you will run across a BIG directory.  This  will
        hopefully  not  happen until you read more on VAX  on  my  WHAT'S
        HACKING sub boards, but if it does, this list will hopefully help
        you avoid making too big a mistake or wasting a lot of time.

        ADA    Ada compiler source code file
        BAS    BASIC compiler source code file
        B32    BLISS-32 compiler source code file
        C      C compiler source code file
        COB    COBAL compiler source code file
        FOR    FORTRAN compiler source code file
        MAR    MACRO compiler source code file
        PAS    Pascal compiler source code file
        PLI    PL/I compiler source code file

        CLD    DCL command description file
        COM    DCL batch or command procedure file
        DAT    Data file
        DIS    Distribution file (as in mail)
        DIR    Directory file (as in a subdirectory)
        EDT    Command file for the EDT editing program
        EXE    Executable program
        HLP    Text for help libraries
        JOU    EDT editor journal when problems occur
        LIS    System listing file (as in TYPE, PRINT, & PHOTO)
        LOG    Batch job output file
        MAI    Mail message file
        MEM    DSR output file
        OBJ    Object code created by compiler before LINKing
        RNO    Source file for DSR
        SIXEL  Files for Sixel graphics
        SYS    System image file
        TJL    Journal created when the unusual occurs (DECNET a lot)
        TMP    Temporary file (sometimes valuable)
        TPU    Editor command file
        TXT    Text library input file (also MAIL output file)

           I will comment extensively on UAF files if I decide to type up
        another VAX tutorial.


Enter item#, Scan, Quit, ?=Menu


Downloaded From P-80 Systems 304-744-2253

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