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TRW Technologies

    |                                           |
   |            TRW Terminolgy                 |
   |      Understanding What You Read          |
   |                                           |
   |           Master Blaster                  |
   |     Advanced Telecommunications Inc.      |
               Type of Account
brevation     Explanation
_______/     \_________/
  AUT          Auto
  UNS          Unscured
  SEC          Secured
  P/S          Partially Secured
  H/I          Home Improvement
  FHA          FHA Home Improvement
          Installment Sales Contract
   CHG          Charge Account
  R/E          Real Estate Specific Type unknowen-in terms
               of years
   SCO          Secured by Co-Signer
  BUS          Busness
  REC          Recreational Merchandise
  EDU          Educational
A          Lease
  COM          Co-Maker(not borrower)
  C/C          Check Credit or Line of Credit
  F/C          FHA Co-Maker(not borrower)
  M/H          Mobil Home
  CRC          Credit Card
  R/F          FHA Real Estate Mortgage-in terms of years
E          Note Loan
  NCM          Note Loan With Co-Maker
  HHG          Secured by Household Goods
  H+O          Secured by Household Goods & other Collateral
  ASL          Auto
  R/V          VA Real Estate Mortgage-in Terms of Years
C          Conventional Real Estate Mortgage-Terms in
  R/O          Real Estate Mortgage-with or without other
               collateral Usually a seccond mortgage-Terms
               in months Amount shown in $100.00 incerments
C          Co-Maker(not Borrower)
  REN          Rental Agreement
  SUM          Summary of Accounts with same status
  UNK          Unknowen (that's the meaning not that i don't
  DCS          Debit Counseling Service
  CCP          Combined Credit Plan
T          Account Reviewed by Credit Grantor
  A/M          Account Monitor by Credit Grantor
  RVW          Account Review by Credit Grantor
  EMP          Employment
  PSC          Solicitation
  D/C          Debit Card
   DCP          Data Correction Profile
D          Address information for Mailing
  IDV          Address information for the Government
  CLS          Credit Line Secured
  COL          Collection Attorney
  INS          Insurance Claims
  C/S          Child Support
            Court Codes

   CIR          Circut
  CITY         City
 CVL          Civil
   CO           County
 CT           Court
  DIS          District
   IRS          Internal Revenue Service
  JUS          Justice
  MUN          Municipal
  ST           State
  SPR          Superior
  SUP          Suprame

         Explination of Status Comments

   BK ADJ PLN   Debit included in or completed through
              Bankruptcy Chapter 13.
K LIQ REO   Debit included in or discharged through
               Bankruptcy Chapter 7 or 11.
  CHARGE OFF   Unpaid balance reported as a loss by credit
  CLOS INAC    Closed inactive account
  COLL ACCT    Account seriously past due/account assigned
           to attorney. Collection agency or credit
               grantors internal collection department.
  CO NOW PAY   Now paying - Was charge off.
 4`IEjjHCredit card lost or ssoolen.
   CR LN CLOS   Credit line closed/reason unknowen or by
          consumer request/there may be a balance due.
   CR LN RNST   Account now available for use and is in good
               standing. Was closed account.
  CURR ACCT    This is either an open or closed account is a
               credit card or charge account. It should be
           available for use and there may be a balance
               due. If the account is closed. There were no
               past due amounts reported and it was paid.
  CUR WASCOL   Current account was collection account.
UR WAS DL   Current account was past due.
   CUR WASFOR   Current account Foreclosure was started.
  CUR WAS 30   Current account was 30 days past due.
  CURWAS30-2   Current account was 30 days past due twice.
  CURWAS30-3   Current account was 30 days past due three
   CURWAS30-4   Current account was 30 days past due four
  CURWAS30-5   Current account was 30 days past due five
  CURWAS30-6   Current account was 30 days past due six
            times or more.
  CURWAS 60    Current account was 60 days delinquent.
  CUR WAS 90   Current account was 90 days delinquent.
  CUR WAS 120  Current account was 120 days delinquent.
  CUR WAS 150  Current account was 150 days delinquent.
UR WAS 180  Current account was 180 days delinquent or
  DECEASED     Consumer deceased.
  DELINQ 60    Account delinquent 60 days.
  DELINQ 90    Account delinquent 90 days.
  DELINQ 120   Account delinquent 120 days.
  DELINQ 150   Account delinquent 150 days.
LINQ 180   Account delinquent 180 days.
  DEL WAS 90   Account was delinquent 90 days/now 30 or 60
               days delinquent.
  DEL WAS 120  Account was delinquent 120 days/now 30,60 or
               90 days delinquent.
VCLAIM     Claim filed with government for insured
               portion of balance on an educational loan.
  FORECLOSURE  Credit grantor sold collateral to settle
               defulted mortgage.
  INQUIRY      A copy of the credit profile has been sent to
           this credit grantor at their request.
  INS CLAIM    Claim filled for payment of insured portion
               of balance.
  NOT PD AA    Account not being paid as agreed.
  PAID ACCP    Closed account/zero balance.not rated by
           credit grantor.
  PAID SATIS   Closed account/paid satisfactory.
  PD BY DLER   Credit grantor paid by company who originally
               sold the merchandise.
  PD CHG OFF   Paid account/was charge-off.
  PD COLL AC   Paid account was a collection account
            insurance claim or education claim.
  PD FORECLO   Paid account A forclosure was started.
  PAID NOT AA  Paid account. Some payments were made past
               the agreed due dates.
  PD REPO      Paid account/was a repossession.
D WAS 30    Paid account/was 30 days past due.
  PD WAS 30-2  Paid account/was 30 days past due 2 or 3
  PD WAS30-4   Paid account/was 30 days past due 4 times.
  PD WAS30-5   Paid account/was 30 days past due 5 times.
  PD WAS30+6   Paid account/was 30 days past due 6 or more
  PD WAS 60    Paid account/was 60 days delinquent.
  PD WAS 90    Paid account/was 90 days delinquent.
  PD WAR 120   Paid account/was 120 days delinquent.
  PD WAS 150   Paid account/was 150 days delinquent.
 WAS 180   Paid account/was 180 days delinquent or more.
  REDMD REPO   Account was a repossession/now redeemed.
  REFINANCED   Account renewed or refinanced.
  REPO         Merchandise was taken back by credit grantor,
               there may be a balance due.
CNL         Credit grantor cannot locate consumer.
  SCNL NWLOC   Credit grantor could not locate
               consumer/consumer now located
  SETTLED      Account leagally pain in full for less than
               the full balance.
  VOLUN REPO   Voluntary repossession.
  30 DAY DEL   Account past due 30 days.
  30 2 TIMES   Account past due 30 days 2 times.
  30 3 TIMES   Account past due 30 days 3 times.
  30 4 TIMES   Account past due 30 days 4 times.
  30 5 TIMES   Account past due 30 days 5 times.
 6+ TIMES  Account past due 30 days 6 times or more.
  30 WAS 60    Account was delinquent 60 days/now 30 days.
  TOONEWRT     Account too new to rate.

               Items of Public Record

  BK 7 -FILED  Voluntary or Involuntary Pentition in
               Bankruptcy Chapter 7 - (Liquidation)filed.
  BK 7 -DISCH  Voluntary or involuntary Petition in
               bankruptcy Chapter 7 - (liquidation)
  BK 7 -DISM   Voluntary or involuMM9
BK 11 -FILE  Voluntary or in voluntary petition in
               bankruptcy Chapter 11 - (Reorginazition)
  BK 11 -DISC  Voluntary or involuntary Petition in
               Bankruptcy Chapter 11 - (Reorgiznation)
   BK 11 -DISM  Voluntary or involuntary petition in
               Bankruptcy Chapter 11 - (Reorgiznation)
  BK 13 -FILE  Petition in banyruptcy Chapter 13
               (Adjustment of Debt) filed.
 13 -DISM  Petition of bankruptcy Chapter 13
                (Adjustment of debt) dismissed.
 BK 13 -COMP  Petition in bankruptcy Chapter 13
                (Adjudtment of debt) completed.
  CITY TX LN   City Tax Lien.
  CTY TX REL   City Tax Lien Released.
SEL SER   Debt Counseling Service.
   CO TAX LN    County Tax Lien.
  CO TAX REL   County Tax Lien Released.
  FED TAX LN   Fedral Tax Lien.
  FED TX REL   Fedral Tax Lien Released.
  JUDGMENT     Judgment.
  JUDGMT SAT   Judgment Satisified.
  MECH LIEN    Mechanic's Lien.
ECH RELE    Mechanic's Lien Released.
  MN MTG FIL   Manual Mortgage Report (Developed credit
               report prepared for this grantor, copy
  NT RESPON    Not responsible notice.
  STAT TX LN   State Tax Lien.
AT TX REL  State Tax Lien Released.
  SUIT         Suit.   
  SUIT DISMD   Suit Dismissed or Discontinued.
  WAGE ASIGN   Wage Assignment.
  W/A RELEASE  Wage Assignment Released.

    Assoication Codes With Definitions
soication                                   Assoiation
th Account                            Terminated As Of
Currently Active                           Date Reported

eported by TRW Credit Data only.
ndividual: This is the only person associated with this

...Joint Account-Contractual Responsibilty......B
his individual is expressly obligated to repay all debts
rising on this account by reason of having signed an
ment to that effect.

..........Authorized User-Joint Account.........C
he individual has use of this joint account for which
nother indivdual has Responsibility.

...........Joint Account.......................D
his individual participates in this account. The assoitation
t be disinguished between joint Account-Contractual
esponsibilty or Authorized User.

his individual has garanteed this account and assumes

................On Behalf Of...................F
 individual has signed an application for the purpous of
ecuring credit for another individual.

his individual is responsible for thhs account, whic is
uaranteed by a Co-Maker. To be used in lieu of Code 2 and 3
there is a Code 5-Co-Maker.

hanks to TRW....
)ackrite 1986 Advanced Telecommunications Inc..

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