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TUCoPS :: Antique Systems :: trwcode.txt

TRW Code Information

*=*=*                  TRW Code Definitions                 *=*=
*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*    Written By: The Line Breaker   *=*=*=*=*=*=*=

This is a several part g-phile describing in great depths the
inner workings of TRW.  The information that you about to read is
the most up to date information you'll ever read about TRW.

     First digit                            Second digit

1.....TRW Eastern Region                   0.....Public Record
2.....TRW Midwestern Region                1.....Bank
3.....TRW Western Region                   2.....Bank Credit Card
4.....Inquires From Brokers Customers      3.....Retail
6.....Other Credit Reporting Agencies      4.....Credit Card
      with Eastern Region and Comm-        5.....Loan Finance
      ercial Credit Subscribes.            6.....Sales Finance
7.....Other Credit Agencies Within         7.....Credit Union
      Western Region.                      8.....Savings & Loans
8....."     Same as above        "         9.....Service & Profess

   Example [3]234567                       Example 3[2]34567
*=*=*=                   Type of Accounts                  =*=*=
   Type     Abbrev      Explanation
 00          aut        Aut
 01          ans        Unsecure
 02          sec        Secure
 03          p/s        Partially Secure
 04          h/i        Home Improvement
 05          fha        FHA Home Improvement
 06          isc        Installment Sales Contract
 07          chg        Charge Account
 08          rve        Real Estate Specific Type Unknown
                        terms are in year
 09          sco        Secured by Co-signer
 10          bus        Business
 11          rec        Recreational Merchandise
 12          edu        Educational
 13          lea        Lease
 14          com        Co-maker
 15          c/c        Credit Check or Line of Credit
 16          f/c        FHA Co-maker
 17          m/h        Mobile Home
 18          crc        Credit Card

The codes above are the most important ones but if you would like
the full listing contact The Line Breaker.
*=*=*=               Inquiring About Someone               =*=*=

After you have logged on with your password here is the format
that you must use in order to obtain information about someone.

Name of Victim -
If the applicant's first name is an initial, you may use just the
first initial.
Example: J. Paul Jones, use the "j" for the first name and use
"p" for the middle initial.
Address of Victim -
A keyword indicates the desired field to be typed following the
current address.
Example: p---=previous addr.,s---=social security number
Age/Year of Birth -
Use either the actual age ---"42" or the year they were born
Example: birthdate 10-14-4
You type : y-194
Example: age 4
You type : a-4
Employment -
Use this field for the name and address of the employment only
don't use terms such as "housewife," "retired," "welfare," or
unemployed.  if person is unemployed then leave this field blank.
*=*=*=                    Inquiry Format                   =*=*=
Listed below is the actual format that you should use when doing a
credit check on some poor victim.

[line 1]     tny1  rts  1122250xxx victim john qs.,10655 b 11201
[line 2]     p-11283 4 19101,165 2 33101,2-548603388.,y1944
[line 3]     e-ajax hardware/2035 broadway/new york 1000
Let's break it down once more but this time with the person's info.

Preamble [4 digits long] (space) lf [3 digits long] (space)
Subscriber code [7 digits long] password [3-4 digits long] (space)
Last name (space) first name (space) middle initial [1 digit]
(period)(comma) house number [up to 8 digits] (space) street name
[first letter only] (space) full zip [5 digits] (comma) (return)
Previous house number [8 digits] (space) street name [first letter
or number only] (space) zip code [5 digits] (comma) ssn# [9 digits
only] (comma) year/age [y-4] [a-2 digits] (comma)
* if you don't have a previous address then just skip over it *
Employer [up to 23 digits] (slash) address [up to 23 digits]
(slash) city & zip [up to 23 digits] (return) (ctrl s)

I have found that if you have any old TRW password, they still
maybe good.  It's the last three digits that are the passwords.
It's just a matter of changing the last three until you find the
new password.  This should save you a lot of time.  Also TRW can
be accessed through the following services: Compuserve--Newsnet--
Dunsprint--Telnet--Datanet {_just to name a few.  Also TRW has in
each state several local dial ups.  So start scanning and let us
know your out come.

This is another in depth g-phile brought to you from the New York
Safe House II Elite BBS.  Watch for part two in the series of TRW
g-philes coming to a board you.

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