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TUCoPS :: Antique Systems :: screwaol.txt

How to screw America Online

DISCLAIMER:  Some of the activities mentoined here are illegal.  I won't be
responsible for any of you're actions, you are you and only you can pay!
If you use this for any illegal use I take NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER.

These daze it's necessary to have an online service such as America Online,
but who can afford it?  I can't so in this text file I will discuss ways to 
legally and illegally get and use America Online.  This text file should be
kept away from Virginia because AOL is located there.  Now, enough bullshit
on with the file:

First I will explain how to get the service for free, then how to use it

Method 1:  The friend trick (legal)

Got any friends that aren't intrested in AOL?  If you do then this method is
for you.  You can also use it with you're own credit card once.  Ok, here it

Get a friends credit card # and addrerss and other shit.  Assure them that
there will be no charge and you are just using it for a scam (this is the
truth) now, have a kit sent to thier house.  When it arrives sign on and now
you have 10 free hours and a month to "try" America Online!  If you are in the
need of more time and don't want to wait or don't have too many friends then
check later on in this file.  Now, when the free trial is almost up call
(800) 827-6364 and cancel the account.  Now no one owes nothing and you have
just gotten urself 10 hrs, way to go!

Method 2: The stolen credit card trick (illegal)

Send a kit to a pre-arranged drop site.  Or, get like one of those magazines
that have a AOL kit in the front.  This is VERY important.  You don't want
them knowing you're address!  Now, with the kit use some stolen information
use a devious plot to get the name, address, phone #, and credit card # of
someone else.  Now sign on and hit the stores!  Send tons of stuff to the drop
site!  And make sure you don't haveta sign for it!  Use it for a month for
your hearts content, but a word of advice...use an un-traceable line 'cause if
you rip em off for a lot they WILL come after you, but you will be long gone
by then!  Of course never do the crime if you can't do the time!

Great, so I've decided to use method 1 but I want MORE time!  I can't stand
the damn 10 hours!
Read the other included files!  I wrote one, one is the one I based mine from
please read 11upchat.txt first since that gives you a background.

This is my first text-file and I plan to write MANY more, check on the &TOTSE
BBS (510) 935-5845, I will post there.  Also, look on Ghost Town at

By Phucking Phreak

10-23-94 10:07:17 PM Pacific Time

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