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TUCoPS :: Antique Systems :: logoncbi.txt

How to logon to CBI Systems

            T H E    X    O R G A N I Z A T I O N    P R E S E N T S

                        "HOW TO LOGIN TO A C.B.I. SYSTEM"

                             WRITTEN BY: L.E. PIRATE

                                THANKS TO: ZANGIN

         The following is the login procedure to login to a C.B.I. system,
  a few C.B.I. login port numbers, information on the system, and obtain C.B.I.


         Ok, you can get CBI accounts and CBI printouts at your local mall.
 The best places to check are:  Insurance Places, Lawyers, Doctors, and Car
 Dealerships, and check some places in the mall that might have to check a
 person's credit.  Trash in their dumpster looking for printouts.  Most places
 buffer capture their whole call to CBI including the number, everything on
 buffer, it's better than christmas.  Ok, so look obtain these CBI printouts
 and cruise home to the old computer.

 *** WHAT YOU NEED ***

         The next step should be, obtain a drivers license or some other form
 of ID that contains a person's name, address, and social security number.  If
 you do not have this, you can't get shit, you definitely need their social
 security number for this.  The best thing to do is go casing (* check other
 X Organization files on casing *) and steal a wallet containing a drivers


         Secondly, you should examine the whole printout, and make sure you
 can read everything on the printout, you don't want to fuck it up, be as
 efficient as possible, even though CBI does allow you to make some mistakes
 before it disconnects.

 *** LOGIN TO CBI ***

         Now, you should have everything set out next to you for quick online
 reference.  Dial the number at 300 BPS, E, 7, 1.  Check on the printout if the
 CBI port has more than 300 Baud, it just might.  If you cannot find a local
 port for CBI try 1-800-624-1395.  Note: everything in < > is me making a note.

 <hit return a couple times>
 <hit cntrl-s, then return>
 <it will ask you to sign on>
 #########-aa,aaa,a. <#'s are CBI account, a's are the rest, make sure at the
                      end there is a period> <next hit cntrl-s>

 <it will say to proceed>

 nm-last,first,mi.  <period at end, then hit return>
 ca-####,street name,st,city,st,zip.  <street name, type:dr,st,la,etc., return>
 id-sss-###-##-#### <social security number> <cntrl-s>

 that's it.  wait for shit to appear if everything is ok.

 nm = name,  ca = current address,  id = social security.


 id-sss-252-22-2222  <cntrl-s>

 That's everything you need to know.  Have fun with CBI.

         Thanks:   Zangin, Elijah Bonecrusher, Dr. Ripco, and Yardley Flouride.

                         ** THE X ORGANIZATION  -  1989 **

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