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TUCoPS :: Antique Systems :: dowjones.txt

Inside Dow Jones News Service

==)--- P TO PAUSE S TO STOP ---(==

Inside DJNS....

major commands & prompts:

"enter query" -- main prompt
"//database help" -- displays info
     about the database you specify
"//database" -- moves directly to the
     database specified
"//menu" -- returns to the main menu
"ctrl-x" (or the break key, depending
     on your terminal) -- stops a
     selection from scrolling or
     printing, and returns you to the
"disc" -- logs off the system


information on dow jones news/retrieval
is divided into only 4 major groups.
you can easily move between individual
databases by typing the commands listed

**dow jones master menu**

<a> dow jones business & economic news
<b> dow jones quotes
<c> financial & investment services
<d> general news & information

**sub menus**

<a> dow jones business & economic news

type             for
----             ---
//djnews         dow jones news
//wsj            wall street journal
                 highlights online
//update         weekly economic update
//fts            free text search of
                 dow jones news

<b> dow jones quotes

type             for
----             ---
//cq             current djns quotes
//hq             historical quotes
//dj             dow jones averages

<c> financial & investment services

type             for
----             ---
//dsclo          disclosure ii
//earn           corporate earnings
//medgen         media general
//mms            money market services
//forbes         forbes directory

<d> general news & information

type             for
----             ---
//intro          info about djns
//encyc          academic american
//movies         movie reviews
//news           world report
//sports         sporting news
//store          comp-u-store
//symbol         symbols directory
//wthr           weather
//wsw            wall street week


access to dow jones is easy.  hook up
to your local telenet # (or just dial
1-800-424-3600) and at the "@" type
"c 60942", then chose "djns" as the
service.  of course you will need to
then enter a valid password.

=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*mr. byte-zap*=*

[Courtesy of:  Sherwood Forest ][]



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