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TUCoPS :: Antique Systems :: data_gen.txt

Hacking Data General Systems

38 Date: Feb 03/87  Time: 4:23 Pm
Subject: Fuck!

Did you know that Data General systems
always start off with "Logon:". These
systems are really the easiest to hack.
When they ask for the account number
after using the logon password, the
machine reads each character and not
the whole word after pressing return.
You know what that means! That means
these systems are ideal for hacking
programs like Demon Dialer or my recent
aquired hacker, Telenet Hacker. The
system is usually run on CP/M so you
have the standard CP/M commands once
you are in the system. A few systems
you might like to try if you have the
numbers are Bank of Commerce and
Toronto Dominion. I am reluctant to
give them out. I am scared of them
being abused and then in turn having
the number changed on me.

A>uto-reply, K>ill, N>ext, R>e-read: n

39 Date: Feb 03/87  Time: 4:29 Pm
Subject: Continued...

I also found from experince is that
most Data General systems have
passwords with 2 numbers and 4 letters.
Example: 93HCQA

Some also have ctrl characters between
the letters. When hacking Data General
systems, be careful not to make to many
mistakes once into the system, as it
has a system log. Also, if the machine
thinks it is being hacked or being
abused, it will automatically shut
down. This is a real bummer. Anyways,
enough for now, I will talk later about
Vega systems.


       /\ Capt. Crunch \/

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