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Hacking Compuserve - by our own TT (A Megadeath presentation)


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          |_______|  |_______|egaDeath Inc. presentation...

*  C   *   O   *   M   *   P   *   U   *   S   *   E   *   R   *   V   *   E  *
*                                                                             *
*              H       A       C       K       I       N       G              *

                           Written by: THE LOCKSMITH
                        Thanx to THE FIXER and DR. BOOM


CompuServe started out as a small bulletin board system (BBS) and has since
grown into a vast empire of public domain software, giant message bases, and
on-line games. It has always been a prize system for the hacker that has gotton
in with someones account. Usually it is very hard to hack a CompuServe user
account, as little is known about each people. But with alot of time and alot
of strategy, you can succeed in hacking a CompuServe account. This file is for
the people who have hardly no (as in zilch) experience at hacking CompuServe
and goes through the basics of it. This file can not gurantee success once you
read it. That is up to you, and this file is just a helper in the escapade.
Let us continue in the world of hacking, ON WITH THE SHOW!

The first thing you must do is log onto CompuServe. Logging on is relativly
simple and does not take a brainiac to accomplish. To log on you must dial a
CompuServe access number. Here is a list of the B.C. access numbers:

604/687-6280: 300 bps               604/687-6138: 300 bps
604/687-6043: 300 bps               604/689-2706: 1200 bps/Bell compatible

After you have dialed an access number, wait for the carrier and then send your
carrier and connect. Once connected, press CTRL-C immediatly. After you have
done this, press RETURN or ENTER. You will see a prompt simular to this:

Host name: < - - - - Respond with CIS and press RETURN.

Type CIS and press RETURN and you will then recieve another prompt. It looks
like this:

User ID: < - - - - The person's ID number you are hacking.

User ID's are two numbers seperated by a comma. an example would be 700000,40.
These are kind off hard to hack at. I suggest you hack at someones user account
that you know. For example, a friends ID number who is into telecommunication
and have seen his ID number. If you can't accomplish this, I suggest, taking a
random number and see if it replys with the password prompt. If it does, then
you know you have found a valid ID number. Remember, ID numbers follow this
pattern: number,number. After you have entered the ID number, the system will
reply with a prompt simular to this:

Passwrd: < - - - - The person's password you are hacking.

The password is the easiest part of the whole system if you ask me. All the
passwords follow one way of writing. Actually, not everyone does it this
way, but CompuServe suggests you follow this style of password protection. It
is like this: WORD SYMBOL WORD. An example would be PISS*LIST. Remember,
people don't have to have their password this way, but the majority of them
do as CompuServe recommends this style. It is very helpful to know a little
about the person you are hacking at. It does come in handy. The reason being
because alot of people use words in their passwords that relate to their jobs,
sex life, hobbies, etc. Once you have hacked at the password and actually
gotton into the system, I suggest you change the persons password immediatly.
This way you can make sure he doesn't get in for a while and he will have to
send $1.50 to CompuServe to get his password. This usually takes a while for
them to get back to him. To change the password of the user you have hacked
type GO PASSWORD at the prompt (!). You will find CompuServe like any other
BBS, but much more extensive. Hey, what do you care, you aren't paying for it!

* Tips from the professionals *

1. Don't post any messages with the person's account.

2. Do not get involved with user games.

3. Do not go on the CB simulator unless you know that another person is
using a hacked account and you want to talk to him.

4. If the user logs onto the board at 1200 baud, don't log in at 300 or vica
versa. If you don't know what baud he logs in at, I would go at 300 as all
modems communicate at this speed.

5. Download anything you want, but do not upload. This is for your own safty!


Well, that concludes this file on CompuServe hacking. I hope this helps you and
makes life fun and enjoyable at other people's expense. Why else is life worth
living for? I would just like to thank The Fixer and Dr. Boom for edging me on
durng the tedious work of research it took to do this file. If you would like
to join MegaDeath Inc. you can apply on the following boards:

The Pipeline...........................(604) 479-2905
Heart of Gold..........................(604) 658-1581

Just leave mail to THE LOCKSMITH and I will try and get back to you as soon
as possible. Well, I guess this raps it up. Remember,


                                        - The Locksmith

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