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TUCoPS :: Antique Systems :: cs2.txt

Examples and companion file to CS.TXT (Free Compuserve accounts)

------------> Continuation of CS.TXT!!

NOTE: CS.TXT is NECCASSARY for you to understand this, if you can't
get your hands on CS.TXT wherever you got this, call my BBS at the bottom
there (The Night Elite)

The purpose of this file is to give you a check number to use on CompuServe,
in case you are too lazy to send for a rebate check, the only hitch to the
whole CS thing is you have to get a white sign up sheet.

G.E.       Control Number: 032783      First State bank

    091911315      81  177 8

That is the basic structure of the check.. 1 of those on the bottom is the
routing # and one is the bank # I forget which, its pretty simple though.

Anyway... Good Luck!!

Call:                      The Night Elite BBS
                           1200/2400 Bps


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