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VMS Security Problem with ANALYZE/PROCESS_DUMP



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            VMS Security Problem with ANALYZE/PROCESS_DUMP


October 22, 1990, 1200 PST                                      Number B-4

Summary::  Critical VMS Security Problem Facts 


PROBLEM:        VMS security problem with the ANALYZE/PROCESS_DUMP command 

PLATFORM:       DEC VMS systems (all versions 4.0 to 5.3 including MicroVMS)

DAMAGE:         Allows system privileges to non-privileged users

                (including the user decnet on older VMS systems)

WORKAROUND:     Disable ANALYZE/PROCESS_DUMP for non-privileged users

PATCH:          Not currently available, but DEC is aware of the problem

SYSTEM IMPACT:  The workaround will disallow the use of analyze/process_dump 

                for non-privileged users.  Other program debuggers are



CIAC has learned of a serious security problem on Digital Equipment

Corp. (DEC) VMS systems.  The potential damage of this problem is that

users may gain unauthorized system privileges through the use of the

ANALYZE/PROCESS_DUMP dcl command.  In addition, systems that have set

up the FAL and default DECNET account to use the same directory have a

potential to allow system access to other VMS machines connected to

the network.

DEC is currently working on a permanent solution to this problem.  As

a interim measure, DEC recommends that this command be disabled for

all non-privileged users.  This may be accomplished using the

following procedure:

1.      Log into the system account.


3.      a) For VMS systems prior to V5.0,

        Modify SYS$MANAGER:SYSTARTUP.COM to include the following

        lines as the first two lines in the file:

                $ SET NOON


        b) For VMS system V5.0 and later,

        Modify SYS$MANAGER:SYSTARTUP_V5.COM to include the following

        as the first two lines of the file:

                $SET NOON


        c) For MicroVMS systems,

        The image ANALIMDMP.EXE is not installed by default, but

        SYSTARTUP.COM contains a suggestion of installing the image if

        you have multiple users on your system.  You mus ensure that

        this image is not installed in SYSTARTUP.COM.  You can use the

        following command to verify that the image is not installed:


        If you receive the message similar to the following:

        %INSTALL-W-FAIL, failed to LIST entry for ANALIMDMP.EXE

        then you do not have the image installed.  Otherwise, proceed

        as step 3.a above.


        This command removes the installed image from the active system.

5.      (Optional) Restart your systems and verify that the image is

        not installed using the following command:


        If you receive the message similar to the following:

        %INSTALL-W-FAIL, failed to LIST entry for ANALIMDMP.EXE

        -INSTALL-E-NOKFEFND, Known File Entry not found

        then you do not have the image installed and your system does

        not have the security problem.

For additional information or assistance, please contact CIAC   

        Thomas A. Longstaff

        (415) 423-4416 or (FTS) 543-4416

        FAX:  (415) 423-0913 or (FTS) 543-0913 


or send e-mail to:

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