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CIAC # A12 DECNET Hacker Attack Alert





                      INFORMATION    BULLETIN


DECNET Hacker Attack Alert

January 18, 1990, 1430 PST                                      Number A-12

CIAC has recently been advised of a series of hacker attacks on DECnet 

systems.  Hackers are using a variety of techniques to break into systems,

including entering through system accounts (e.g., SYSTEM) or through 

user accounts in which the account name and password are identical.  Other 

hackers are using more sophisticated techniques.


Once the hackers have broken into a system, they may cause a variety of 

problems.  They may become privileged users, and then leave executable 

images.  CIAC has also been advised that VMSMAIL_PROFILE.DATA may be 

altered to cause mail sent to the system manager and other accounts to 

be intercepted.  (Since mail delivery may be compromised, it may not be 

advisable for VMS system managers to alert users of these threats using 

electronic mail.)  In addition, they may modify RIGHTSLIST.DAT, causing 

problems with Access Control Lists.

CIAC recommends that DECnet administrators increase monitoring activity.

It is important to check for default account passwords and user accounts 

in which the user name is the same as the password.  However, the more 

sophisticated penetration methods may be difficult to detect.  At a 

minimum, you may want to ensure that all your privileged accounts are 


If you have questions, please contact CIAC:

        Eugene Schultz (415) 422-8193 or (FTS) 532-8193 

        FAX:  (415) 423-0913 or (FTS) 543-0913

CIAC's 24-hour emergency hot-line number is (415) 971-9384

or send e-mail to:


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