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Zabbix Multiple Frontend CSRF (Password reset & command execution)
Zabbix Multiple Frontend CSRF (Password reset & command execution)
Zabbix Multiple Frontend CSRF (Password reset & command execution)

nGenuity Information Services - Security Advisory

   Advisory ID: NGENUITY-2009-006 - Zabbix Multiple Frontend CSRF
   Application: Zabbix 1.6.2
        Vendor: Zabbix
Vendor website: 
Author: Adam Baldwin ( 

     "ZABBIX is an enterprise-class open source distributed monitoring solution." [1]

     Multiple Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerabilities exist that can allow for the following
     attack scenarios to be executed should an administrator with a valid session visit a malicious page
     or url.

     1. Reset admin password
     2. Execution of shell commands

     Reset Admin Password:
     Zabbix does not validate a users old password before the new password is set using a request
     similar to the below request. Some of the parameters are not required for the request to be


     Execution of Shell Commands:
     A two staged approach is required to execute arbitrary shell commands. First the custom command to
     be executed has to be created and then that command has to be executed. Below is an example of how
     these requests could be executed.

     Example: Setting the command 

     Example: Executing the command 

[1] - 

     3.22.2009 - Vulnerability Discovery
     3.23.2009 - Vendor response. Fixed in 1.6.3 (unconfirmed)

Copyright (c) 2009 nGenuity Information Services, LLC 

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