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phpMyAdmin: updated reply to vulnerability report of 2003-06-18

phpMyAdmin version 2.5.2 has been released today. We believe it
addresses all the issues mentionned in the vulnerability report.

( From )
  Last update of this FAQ: 2003-07-22.

The phpMyAdmin development team received notice of this security alert:

The team regrets that the author did not communicate with us before 
sending this alert. However, here is our current reply to the points 

     * "Directory transversal attack"

       This problem had been fixed in version 2.5.0, even if the author 
reports the 2.5.2 development version as vulnerable, which we could not 

     * "Remote local file retrieving"

       This is a misleading title, as the author tells in his text: 
"Note that you can't request files ( only dirs )".

     * "Remote internal directory listing"

       It was possible to retrieve the list of phpMyAdmin's directory 
(which we doubt can cause any damage), but we fixed this in the 2.5.2 

     * "XSS and Path disclosures"

       Most of the XSS problems have been fixed in version 2.5.0. The 
rest have been fixed in the 2.5.2 version.

       We believe that the Path disclosures problems have also been 
fixed in version 2.5.2.

     * "Information encoding weakness"

       We believe that an exploit for this weakness would be difficult 
to achieve. However version 2.5.2 now encrypts the password with the 
well-known blowfish algorithm.

Marc Delisle, for the team.

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