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Yahoo! Mail bug hacks the English Language!!!

[ Note from El Oscuro - this is really just a glitch caused by
  less-than-attentive programming on Yahoo!'s end and not, as some have
  suggested, a massive left-wing conspiracy.  This does, however,
  expose a glaring deficiency in the language skills of many Americans:
  the bug also changes "medieval" to "medireview" - do a Google search
  for "medireview" and you will find hundreds of documents, essays,
  articles and so on from students and supposedly serious researchers
  who actually use "medireview" as a synonym for "medieval!"  This, of
  course, only happens in America where "medieval" is the normal
  spelling of that word; those in the rest of the English-speaking world
  who properly spell it "mediaeval" (with the ae typed as a
  ligature if possible) are immune.  Don't believe me?  Visit or try looking up "medireview" in any dictionary!
  Question the competence of any mediaeval historian who actually uses
  the word "medireview" - he might as well pretend to be an expert on
  surfing the Weeb! ]

Yahoo's Seven Word Fragments You Can't Say In HTML Email

eval       => review 
mocha      => espresso 
expression => statement 
javascript => java-script 
jscript    => j-script
vbscript   => vb-script 
livescript => live-script 

Yahoo's hack doesn't respect word boundaries: so evaluate would become
reviewuate, retrieval becomes retrireview.

Note that plain text email is left untouched - only HTML mail gets this

There are also a few tags that are verboten:

link   => xlink 
script => cursive 
object => xobject 
embed  => xembed 
body   => xbody 
iframe => xframe 
layer  => xlayer 
applet => xapplet 
meta   => xmeta 
form   => xform 

See <URL:> for more details.

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