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Several accounts of the effects of Vasopressin, regarded as a powerful nootropic drug

From: (Megan Adam)
Subject: Re: Vasopressin
Date: Tue, 09 Apr 1996 13:42:58 +0800

In article <>, (Chris Cooley) wrote:

> In article <4kch0v$>,
> (Vikram Bajaj) wrote:
>> Bruce Yettra ( wrote:
>> : Has anybody taken Vasopressin? It's a drugs that's sprayed in the nose. I
>> : believe it's prescribed to supress the over production of urine. What does
>> : it make you feel like?

I did a cycle of vassopressin a few years back - it doesn't really make you
feel anything in particular at the time - I had no side effects etc. What
it is supposed to do is help increase concentration levels - thus allowing
increases in production and creativity. Apparently - it is supposed to
increase orgasm eight-fold after extended use (but I wasn't using it long
enough to find out). I did find however, that after a week to two weeks, my
concentration did improve - but these drugs all work in subtle ways - so it
is barely noticeable in less you have something to measure it by.

Just my .02

Megan Adam -


From: (Joseph Gielata)
Subject: vaso & ephe
Date: 11 Apr 1996 12:36:53 GMT

My experience with vasopressin is that is does not produce a substantial
sensation of anything. It does seem to improve clarity of thought, though.
Another advantage of vasopressin is that it severely improves one's
condition if inebriated (personal experience).


Subject: Re: Vasopressin
Date: 25 Aug 1996 01:12:10 GMT

In <> wizard <> writes:
>> I just got my vasopressin in the mail.  I've used it a couple of
>> times, and to tell you the truth, I really didn't feel much
>> of anything.  I wonder if this is one of those drugs that only
>> induces a very *subtle* subjective effect.  I know when I took
>> Ritilin, I *definitely* felt it.
>> By the way, does anyone know why it's not recomended to use vasopressin
>> for extended periods of time?  I've heard this said often, but I've
>> never heard what the side effects were of doing so.
> I had the same disappointing experience with Vasopressin. I bought the
> Sandoz Diapid product and could not feel any effect whatsoever.  Are
> there other brands of Vasopressin that work better?
> btw, My psychiatrist says vasopressin is extremely safe, even in high
> doses.  The one caveat is that constant of any nasal inhalant can cause
> mild to severe nasal irritation.

I've been takin' it for many yrs. ... Only when I have a allergy or cold
comming on in the 1st or 2nd day that I am aware that SHIT's HAPPENING..

Only downside is that on maybe can have mini BLACKOUTS for a second or two
...don't drive... but if you "GET" a virus or allergy react & use w/vp in
the first day that you preceive the sym. you'll prob kick the infe.... But
be aware of the BO..


From: Jason A Wortham <>
Subject: Re: Vasopressin effects?
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 1996 11:14:50 -0700

It has been very potent for me and a friend of mine who also does it

Basically what I get from it is:

1. improved memory, this is one of the objective things they can test. I've
read about people pulled out from their amnesia because of vasopressin.

2. A quasi stimulant effect. This makes it significantly different from
piracetam or any of it's analogues. It makes my eyelids naturally spring
farther open than I can open them by my own will power.

3. It makes me communicate faster and better. This could be a subjective
placebo effect, but subjective answers are worth something, nonetheless.

A friend of mine took a couple sniffs before going to a stats test. He is
very bad at math. He usually scores below the class average. But, instead,
he scored a 97% while the class average was 77%. It certainly would be nice
to be able to incur this kind of "placebo effect" at will.


From: (ILK )
Subject: Re: Vasopressin/Diapid
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 1997 12:35:23 GMT

[Purposeless quote deleted]

I have had many positive experiences with Vasopressin. These include
experiences of many kinds including memory enhancement, improved
concentration, extended-intensified orgasm and what I can only call
"CLARITY". Vasopressin has many uses, but it is most commonly prescribed
for either diabetes insipidus or .... bed wetting. It's an anti-diuretic
posterior pituitary hormone, and if you dont mind telling your doctor
you've ALWAYS had this problem and you were treated with vasopressin in the
past he should comply. But be prepared for his desire to "test the shit"
out of you for other possible conditions to protects his ass. And I
wouldn't blame him.

Before you start, read as much about this as you can. And DONT over use or
abuse this drug. It can cause nosebleeds (the nasal spray) and some
abdominal cramping. How each person defines and measures "abuse" is
varying. In my case I see it as anything compulsive, or anything continued
even when it is clearly causing emotional-physical pain or damage. Be

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