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A clever way to break a hypnotic seal

Subject: A clever way to break a hypnotic seal [haven't tried this though]
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 02:40:33 -0700

As I understand it, a hypnotic seal is when a hypnotist suggests to you 
"You will never let anybody else hypnotize you". So the solution to this 
is hypnotizing oneself and removing this suggestion! What if the 
hypnotist was clever and even said "And you will never let yourself 
hypnotize you!" Sounds like an impossible, right?

Well, I figured that since he set it up so that HE'S the only one who 
can hypnotize you, use the tape recording that you have of his 
session... Take the recording where he says "You will never let anybody 
else hypnotize you" and using a sound editor, remove the "will" and 
"never" and find a part of the recording or part of another one where he 
says "can" and splice it in. Make the final product so that it will 
repeat over and over again.

Then keep the darn recording by your bed and set it up so that by a 
certain amount of time [about when you know your eyes will close] and 
play it to yourself as you slip from concious to unconcsious [As I 
understand it things said to you within this time frame have a 
likelyhood of spilling into the subconcious]. I'd think 1 or 2 weeks of 
this will kill the damn hypnotic seal imposed onto you :-)

Please forgive me if this idea sounds wacky... But it's just an idea 
nonetheless. Yes I heard of the idea where you can imagine in detail the 
last time you were hypnotized and this would break any hypnotic seal, is 
this true? I mean hopefully there are methods that would be less 
complicated than mine that are likely to work.

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