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The Truth about Carding

The Truth About Carding.

Now, if you decide to be supra-l33t and card something off of a vulnerable site. Make sure you don't get it sent to anything at all that could point to you. (I knew a kid that sent it to his dad's job) Here are the steps to pick something up.

1. Do recon! Know the area! A little time spent in recon could save your ass later.
2. Have a lookout have your friend stand there looking cool, drinking a Snapple. Making sure your in site AND watching the streets.
3. With another friend throw a football to the house that you got it sent to, so you can look like a petty criminal finding a package.(One time saved me cause' I threw it at an astro van I had never seen before and I saw someone jump)
4. Look like a kid opera would talk about, punk. DO NOT wear a shirt saying "computer god" or "got r00t?" This kid kareem in my town did that and the cop's picked him up faster then they could beat Rodney king.
5. Look for government cars. If you see a caprice ,astro ,crown victoria or sometimes even impalas. "Admire" them, go up and look in the windows. Or throw a football at them by "Accident"
6. Don't do it. Unless you can tike the risk. Or better yet, pay some fool 20 bucks to go pick up the package for you.

I'm not advocating this in anyway, but some people may wonder how to do it right. I don't want to see any of ya getting busted. So it's like the safe sex thing, you're going to do it so why not hand out condoms.

(And don't comment on how you should do it from the library or anything. If you don't know that you should not have access to these forums in the first place)  

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