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Seduction Trends: Using chick-tactics to nail chicks

From Thu Sep 21 21:51:43 2000
Subject: SEDUCTION TRENDS: Using Chick-Tactics To Nail Chicks
Date: 22 Sep 2000 04:51:43 GMT

Ok guys, this one is short, sweet and simple.

Well, where shall I start.

Chicks come up with a rather large variety of
devices for blowing guys out if and when they're
really not interested in them. Bitches usually don't,
or can't come right out and say what's on their mind
so they throw bullshit excuses at you instead.

Well, you can use the same shit that chicks use on
you (which usually just makes you more interested in
them) to try to blow you out, to make THEM more interested
in YOU. It works like a charm on a LOT of chicks.

First off, I hope you've at some point in your life read the
book by Marcus Melton Jr. 'Nice Guys Don't Get Laid'.
In his book, he outlines MANY of these excuses that
bitches like to hand guys. The excuse that we're talking
about here are the kind of excuses meant to say in effect
to a guy "You're a really *NICE GUY*, but I just really don't
want to fuck you!"

There are many, but the one that probably tops them all
is, "I feel so comfortable with you, you FEEL JUST LIKE
Tanslation: I could NEVER fuck someone who is my BROTHER!

Now this BEX (bullshit excuse) is only one of many.
Melton listed a whole shitload of them in his book, all of
which I cannot remember, but I'm sure you'll damn sure
know all of them if and when you HEAR them for real.
Buy the fucking book!

The tactic here is simple , and usually the simplest shit
works the best. 

Just REVERSE the fuckin BEXs and use them on HER.

"I feel so good talking to you, like I can tell you anything...
you feel just like a SISTER!"

I've used this one with great success too. You can even tell
them that they LOOK like your older/younger sister, whatever,
and that they remind you SO MUCH of her. [Use a bit of 
discretion with this one, IOW just don't go OVERboard]
This has a GREAT affect of getting the fucking "great looks"
thing out of the gotdamn way REALLY fucking fast! As any guy
could have a great (10) looking sister, so what the fuck is it to

Now this kind of statement REALLY gets their shit!
I've used this particualar statement myself quite a few
times and I'm telling you it can almost work MIRACLES.
The last thing any bitch wants to be thought of as by any
guy is a SISTER. What's the logic behind the seens here?

The logic is that if you only see a chick as being a sister,
then that is making a statement about her LACK of being
able to entice you in a SEXUAL or SEDUCTIVE type of

NO bitch can have this!

*MANY* bitches in this world judge themselves by how
well and how quickly they can get any man sexually interested
in them. They almost live their whole fucking
life by it. Most of the time they succeed, as in the case
with all AFCs. Their ego gets stroked, they blow the guy
off, and move on to the next victim.

Most bitches simply CANNOT tolerate it when you blow
their whole rap, by BEX reversing. In order to prove to
themselves that they CAN in fact get you drooling over
them sexually, they have to keep going further and further
to see just what it will take to get you "hooked".
The theory is simple and effective. They eventually have
to go so far that the next thing they know they are in bed
fucking you.

In summary, almost ANY BEX that a chick gives you, you
can reverse and use it on HER. You'll be surprised by the
sudden change in attitude. The added benefit, is that if you
use natural BEXs that are inherently indigenous to FEMALE
chick-logic, that gets them even WORSE because on the 
deep levels they know EXACTLY what it means when you say
it to them. Haha!!

Try it, and enjoy the wonders.

Time to go.

It's So Fuckin Easy,
But Nothin Seems Ta Please Me

A. Rose

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