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The Brain Supercharger Mind Technology ad taken from the January 1

       |                                                        |
       |  H O W  T O  Z A P  S T R E S S ,  B O O S T  Y O U R  |
       |                                                        |
       |      B R A I N P O W E R  A N D  A L T E R  T H E      |
       |                                                        |
       |      C O U R S E  O F  H U M A N  E V O L U T I O N    |
       |                                                        |
       |                I N  2 8  M I N U T E S !               |
       |                                                        |

     It may be the most important discovery of the century.  A powerful
audio technology using sound frequencies to unleash the greatest force in
the universe...your mind.  Use it to zap stress.  Awaken awesome inner powers.
Release creative and intuitive abilities.  Boost I.Q.  Accelerate learning
& memory.  Heighten mental awareness.  Perceptual acuity.  Transfrom fear
and anxiety into soaring self confidence  Achieve peak performance in
career & sports.  Attract wealth & prosperity.  Heal sickness and disease.
Enhance sexual power.  Uncover your hidden potential.  Disocver your life's
purpose.  And fill each day with renewed passion and joy.
    Once you've experienced this power it will transform you forever.  But
that's only part of the story.  Becuase developing your full inner
capacities may lead to something even more profound.  Perhaps the next step
in human evolution.

                        2 8  M I N U T E S  T O  A

                   S U P E R C H A R G E D  B R A I N !

By Dane Spotts

    Listen:  I took everything in the 60's.  I did all the retreats in the
70's.  I've sampled all the brain tun-up machines of the 80's.  But none of
it prepared me for the mind-blowing experiences of the Brain Supercharger

                         A VACATION IN IN 28 MINUTES

    As I plugged it into my walkman, I kept thinking, "it's just a cassette
tape."  Then I put on my headphones, flipped the switch, and woosh...I was
immediately transported into another time and place.
    My body became extremely relaxed.  My arms and legs felt numb.  I began
experience new things.  I started having long conversations with a voice
inside my head, experiencing vivid memories, and a flood of creative ideas.
    It seemed as if my mind and body were in two separate places.  Words
can hardly describe the experience but it was like taking a two-week
vacation in 28-minutes.  I realized this was no ordinary self improvement

                         EXPANDING YOUR BRAINPOWER

    Created by the Mind Research Laboratory, this remarkable new technology
is based on the ancient art of meditation and whole brain synchronization.
    As you already know we use only a small percentage of our total
brainpower (4%).  What if you could tap into the rest of it? (The other
96%) Is the secret of genius simply the ability to access more of the
brain's tremendous capacity?  What if there were a way to unleash your
untapped mental pontential?
    I've personally spent the last 15 years in search of tools that could
unleash the awesome powers of the human mind.  It's been more than a hobby.
An obsession really.  And what I discovered has transformed me forever.  An
audio technology so powerful just listening, unfolds a blissful state of
deep relaxation, alters consciousness, rewrites your internal mental
programming, accelerates learning, and expands your brainpower.  I'd like
to share this amazing technology with you and tell you the impact I think
it will have on your life.
    But wait!  Let me stop here for a moment.  Before I get into the heavy
duty aspects of this technology and give you my special offer, there is
something I must caution you about right now.

    WARNING:  Due to the powerful effects on the brain, these soundtracks
    are not suitable for epileptecs or persons undergoing psychiatric

    I'm serious.  This is really powerful stuff.  Some users actually refer
to is as "Audio LSD", because of it's mind altering capabilites.  Since the
first experimental version was introduced in 1988, over a million tapes
have been sold.  (To find out what users think about it, read some of their
unsolicited comments on page 6 [below])
    O.K., let me continue by telling you how it works, and why you should
give it a try.


    First, this is not New Age mesic, guided meditation, or hypnosis.  What
it is, is a combination of sound effects and sound engineering beyond
anything every offered in the mind development field.  The science of sound
and its effects on the brain have taken a quantum leap in the last few
    You see, for some thime it's been known that meditation causes certain
physical and chemical changes in the brain, which can lead to heightened
mental awareness, improved I.Q., memory, creativity, and perceptual
ability.  The health benefits are also well documented.
    But the problem with traditional meditation practices is it takes 15-20
years of concentrated effort to train your brain to reach the correct
physiological responses to derive these benefits.  Biofeedback equipment
helps but is costly, and time consuming.  That's ehere this new sound
technology steps in.  The results are confirming what the ancient masters
have intuitively known for centuries.  And that is...
    Sitting in a cave ohmming, physically changes your brain.  The low
vibrational sound fewquencies ochoing off the cave walls, alters
consciousness and induces biochemical responses in the brain.  Eventually
this unfolds a state of enlightened awareness.
    But, chanting for 20 years in a cave is what you might call a low
tech method of reaching that enlightened state.  Now, with today's
powerful computer technology this experience can be enhanced and
accelerated a thousand-fold.


    The Brain Supercharger soundtrack delivers you there instantly.  You
simply plug yourself into this tape once a day for 28 minutes.  By
sending a special combination of sound frequencies into the brain it
automatically synchronizes your brainwave patterns into the optimal
psycho-physical state for deep meditation, and expanded awareness.
    You see, the brain produces wavelike ripples of electrical energy
that correspond to certain states of consciousness.  The four kinds of
brainwave frequencies; Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta are really
descriptive tags for different wave speeds.  Delta is the sleep state.
Theta is akin to a deep meditative state.  Alpha is like having a
catnap.  And Beta is your daily rock and roll.
    The powerful neuro-entrainment matrix on the Brain Supercharger
soundtrack physically drives your brain into an Alpha/Theta state of
consciousness.  The optimum brainwave pattern for deep meditative
    The specail audio matrix is subsonic, so you don't actually hear it
but you sure feel it.  What you do hear are the sounds of an underground
stream, special tones, and angelic voices.  It's wierd, but it actually
feels like angles are flying around inside your skull.  This 3-D effect
is created because the sounds are spatially delivered into your brain,
along with the neuro-entrainment matrix.  Designed to enhance whole brain
synchronization and provide a pleasant listening medium, the combination
is truly "mind expanding."
    When you finish each session your entire body becomes charged with a
new energy and vitality.  Fears and anxieties are gone.  You are renewed,
more alert, and mentally you feel on top of the world.  And you are.
    What causes the euphoria and peak experiences?  The neuroscientists
say the 'high' you experience is caused by a release of endorphins in the
brain.  A hundred times more powerful than morphine it makes you feel like
you're soaring with eagles.


    Training your brain to generate Theta activity for a few minutes each
day has inormous benefits, including boosting the immune system, enhancing
creativity, triggering peak experiences, along with generating feelings of
psychological well-being.
    If this were only a tool for zapping stress, boosting brainpower and
self-confidence, it would be awesome enough.  But there's more.  Much more.
Because this amazing mind development technolody can also be used to
reprogram negative behavior and self-defeating beliefs.  Lose weight by
re-scripting your eating habits.  Attract super-success by transforming
your "loser mindset."  Even fight disease by focusing your natural mind
powers on wellness.
    How can it do all this?  Researchers have discovered that people who
enter this "Theta State" acquire super-receptivity to new information, and
a greater ability to "rescript" material on a subconscious level.
    Psychologists and neurologists believe the mind uses this "Theta
Window" for psychological and physiological programming.  For healing both
the mind and the body.
    Here's how you can use it to create a winning mindset, become a peak
performer, reprogram negative beliefs and self-sabotaging behavior.

                           MINDSCRIPTING SECRETS

    Simply listening to the Supercharger tape alters your bbrainwave state
and opens a window directly into the unconscious mind.  Then using special
subliminal messages, (affirmations recorded just below the threshold of
conscious perception) it implants positive programming onto your brain
cells.  Because your mind is at peak receptivity while in this "Theta
Window" the new programming sticks.
    Bob, a real estate broker, friend of mine, started using the
Ultra-Success Conditioning system. (One of the Brain Supercharger kits
dealing with success and motivation) "It's so incredible," he said, "It's
like bees swarming around the sweet smell of honey.  Now that I have it
together on the inside. I must give off a certain scent that is picked up
by others.  I can't believe all the money and deals that have dropped into
my lap since I started using these tapes."

                            BRAIN BOOSTER BONUS

    Your Brain Supercharger soundtrack is loaded with powerful mindscripting
affirmations, embedded in thte audio matrix.  But these's something else
too.  Each kit comes with a second special cassette.  A mindscripting
booster tape.  This second cassette is used to reinforce your psychological
rescripting process.  It will not alter your state of consciousness, so you
can use it 24 hours a day.  While working, relaxing, watching TV, even
sleeping to reinforce your new winning mindset. 
                         MIND DEVELOPMENT LIBRARY
    And that's not all.  The Brain Supercharger comes in defferent flavors,
depending on which areas of your life you would most like to adress.  As I
just mentioned each kit contains 2 cassettes.  The powerful Brain
Supercharger and the Mindscripting booster cassette, packaged in a handsome
album with complete instructions.  That's what you'd get if you ordered only
one Brain Supercharger kit.
    But if you take me up on my specail offer, I'll send not one, but 3
complete systems.  Yes! A virtual library of Brain Superhcarger kits, to
address three of the most critical area of your life; Success, Health, and
Learning.  The titles of your Mind Development Library are:
     1. Ultra Success Conditioning
     2. Super Immunity & Health
     3. Accelerated Learning & Memory
    The first Supercharger kit, Ultra Success Conditioning, will program you
for skyrocketing success, rescripting negative beliefs about money,
eliminating self-sabataging behavior, and imprint you with soaring self
    The second Supercharger kit will boost your immune system and enhance
your mind-body connection to ward off desease and improve health.
    And the third kit; Accelerated Learning & Memory Enhancement, is
designed to improve mental functioning by helping you learn more in less
time, programming your brain to focus and concentrate better.
    Three powerful supercharger systems together in a power packed Mind
Development Library to address these cirtical area in your life.
    Although your Library of tapes is complete in every respect, we've just
finished developing something truly remarkable that I want to include in
your package at no additional cost.  It will turn on your mental money
faucets, till you're dripping with cash.  It's called the...


    What would you think if I offered you a brain transplant from a self made
millionaire?  Not a surgical transplant.  No.  Just the mental programming.  A
new series of 12 soundtracks, recorded onto 6 audio cassettes, will tattoo the
mental conditioning and success traits of a self made millionaire onto your
brain cells.
    things like charisma, high energy and enthusiasm, positive risk taking,
self confidence, creativity, goal setting and follow through, a belief in
abundance, along with the focus and commitment to overcome all obstacles. 
In fact after extensive research it was discovered there are 21 identifiable
success traits of a self made millionaire.  And each has been carefully
scripted onto 6 very special audio cassettes, using an advanced
mindscripting technology called Newro-Mapping.  It creates positive
memories and links them to wealth creation behavior.  The Millionaire's Mind
programming may even be more powerful that the Brain Superhcarder series.

                           HERE'S MY SUPER DEAL
    Look: All of this is powerful stuff.  And I want you to feel as
enthusiastic as I do about it's life enhancing possibilities.  So I'm going
to make it super easy for you to try this program without any risk on your
part whatsoever.  If purchased separately the 3 Brain Supercharder kits,
and Millionaires Mind System would cost you $219 (Note: Brain Supercharger
kits are $49.95 each, and The Millionaire's Mind System is $69.95)  But as
part of my special offer to you I will deliver to your home or office the
entire library for only $149.95 plus $9 shipping & handling.  You save
$69.00  That's like getting the Millionaire's Mind FREE.  If you knew all
the sweat and money that was poured into developing this program you'd
understand why this is such an incredible deal.
    But I want you to feel super motivated.  To be absolutely sure you'll
give this program a try.  So, I'm going to sweeten the deal with several
very valuable bonuses.  Consider them bribes if you like.  My motive here
is to overcome any doubts or excuses you might have for not giving it a
try.  Let me begin with...


    This audio report reveals startling new discoveries to awaken your
creative and intuitive powers.  You'll learn about the secrets behind the
Brain Supercharger technology.  How it was developed, plus visionary ideas
on transformation and enlightenment.
    And that's not all.  I'm also including in your package FREE...

    Contol your thoughts and emotions through the secrets outlined in the
"right thinking doctrine."  Use your mental powers to influence others and
control events in your life.  Reach your peak of personal power and
    And the fourth bonus...

                     WEALTH & PROSPERITY" ($500 VALUE)

    This is a distilled version of a popular national mind power seminar
costing over $500.00.  You'll receive step by step instruction in the
Visioneering Tichnology, and learn a simple % minute technique to focus
your mental energy and attract wealth & success like a magnet.  Wipe out
irrational fears.  Permanently change bad habits.  Win in business and
love.  And live a life of lasting peace and joy.
    These are incredible bonuses, with a comparable retail value worth
hundred of dollars.  But I won't stop here.  No.  I'm so confident you're
going to love these tapes, I'll also assume 100% of the financial risk just
for getting you to try them.  Here's my promise and personal guarantee.

                        FREE 30-DAY HOME TRIAL
    After you receive your package, follow the instructions and give the
tapes an homest workout for 30 days. If at anytime during this 30-day trial
period you're not absolutely convinced these are the most incredible mind
development tools ever created, simply return your package and I'll send
you a full and immediate refund.  There are no exceptions.  It will either
blow your mind or you get your money back.  Period!
    And, even if you decide to return it for a refund, keep all the bonuses
as my gift to you, just for giving it a try.  YES!!! YOU MAY KEEP ALL $915

                         WHY ALL THE FREE BONUSES?
    Perhaps you're wondering why I'm giving away all these bonuses. 
Especially if this stuff is as good as I say it is.  There are two reasons
    1).  First, over the last year and a half I've spent million on TV
advertising.  And although we've sold a lot of tapes, it's been at a very
high cost because TV time is so expensive.  This printed piece which I'm
able to delever directly to you is a far cheaper means of communication. 
So frankly, I can afford to spend more on "bribes" to attract you a a new
    2).  Second, I sincerely want you to try this program even though all
these "bribes" put me at some financial risk.  If everyone returned their
package for a refund and kept their bonus tapes it could be financially
devastating.  However, I know from experience that 98.3% of the people who
honestly try this program are so blown away by it, they keep it.  And they
share it with their friends and relatives.  That's good for business.


    There's something else too.  It's going to sound a but flaky perhaps,
but it's the absolute truth.  My mission in life is to share this technology
with the world.  I believe something very big is happening.  An explosion
of cinsciousness that could lead to the evolution of our species.  I
strongly believe psycho-technologies like this can play a role in that
    How?  By allowing you to connect at such a seep level with the inner
source of your being that you experience an evolutionary leap of
consciousness.  That intuitive part of you that already knows the answers
to all of life's questions.  Things like; What should I do with my life? 
What's my purpose in the universe?  And, how can I become the best me that
I can be?  I think humanity is on the threshold of a gigantic leap in
consciousness.  And it's people like you and me that will be the catalyst
for this transformation.  So why am I telling you this?  Because I want you
to understand my deep seated enthusiasm and motivation for sending your this
offer.  And I want you to join me in my mission.    
    Once you've crossed the enlightenment threshold, removed fear from
your life, and  learned to trust your inner self, you'll feel and
unimaginable force welling up inside of you.  A magical energy that will
influence everythink you do, and rub off on everyone around you.  Sounds
corny perhaps, but you'll know exactly what I mean when you've experienced
it.  (Not: In the kit I'll send to you, there'll be more insights on this
evolutionary leaf in consciousness and your role in it.)
    Enough said!  Want to give it a shot?  Before I invite you to pick up the
phone, and call our 24-hour order desk, there's one last inducement I want to
offer you, just in case there's the slightest hesitation in you mind about
ordering.  It's my final bribe.  Ready?  Here it is.


    I'm going to add this SUPER BONUS BRIBE into your package, if and only
if, you promise me you'll deligently USE your Supercharger and Millionaire's
Mind tapes during the trial period.  There are so many tapes included in
your package, it will seem a bit overwhelming when you first open it.  But
as you read the material and begin using the tapes you should begin feeling
results almost immediately.
    So, with that commitment in mind here are the 12 bonus Super Subliminal
titles I'm adding into your kit: 1) Master Fear & anziety, 2) Increase
Focus & Concentration, 3) Permanent Weight Control, 4) Eliminate
procrastination, 5) Effective Public Speaking, 6) Attracting Love
Relationships, 7) Stay Fit/Exercise Motivation, 8) Building Self Exteem, 9)
Mastering Stress, 10) Super Memory, 11) Quit Smoking Forever, 12) Success
    12 Super Subliminal titles on 6 audio cassettes.  ABSOLUTELY FREE! And
let me tell you something.  These aren't ordinary subliminal tapes either. 
Here's why.
    Subliminal tapes are based on the premise that messages below the
threshold of conscious perception can influence behavior.  This is true. 
But there's a catch.  For subliminal tapes to work, the subliminal signal
must be strong enough to stimulate the nerves within your ear to be able to
register a response in your brain.  Makes sense huh?  But most
manufacturers record the subliminals so low, (to mask them) the messages
never make it into the brain.
    The Super Subliminal Tapes I'm including FREE are designed so the
messages are will within the audible range for stimulation of the nerves in
the ear.  Along with the powerful psychological scripting, the musical &
environmental soundtrack created for each title is so beautiful it
literally brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard it.  I just know
you're going to love these special bonus tapes.  
    Well, that's my offer.  It's a ton of tapes.  Plus bonuses worth
hundreds of dollars.  Before you get carried away by the financial windfall,
remember it's what's on them that will change you forever.  And it's up to
you to take action to make that happen.  First by ordering.  Second by
using them.  Ill let you be the sole judge of their success.  I know you'll
be impressed.
    To order simply call my toll free number, (24 hours a day, 7 days a
904B).  Or send your check or money order for $149.95 plus $9.00 shipping &
handling to the address below.  Canada, Alaska & Hawaii, deliveries add $12
shipping.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. (I'll try and have your
tapes shipped with 3 days from receipt of your order, but please be patient
as the enormus demand has strained our order processing system to it's

                               A FINAL NOTE
    P.S.  One last thing.  Whether you take me up on my speical offer or not,
I want to let you in on something.  These tapes...all of them...are only a
catalyst.  They aren't the true power.  You are.  When you unleash your
full potential and discover the unlimate truth of the universe and your rile
in it, you're going to burst out laughing.  Believe me you will.
    With this new perspective, your financial situation, your relationships,
and everything else will take on a new color and meaning.  As you dance
though life every experience positive and negative will be perceived from a
new perspective.  And you'll feel more alive.  100% OF THE TIME.  For some
that's scary.  So if you're not ready for it yet, I completely understand. 
But if you are, hang on because your're in for the most incredible journey
of your life.  Thanks.  And whatever you decide - peace.

                     P.O. Box 7010, Issaquah, WA 98027
              For Information/Customer Service (206) 391-4595
P.O. Box 7010, Issaquah, WA 98027 
(206) 391-4595


Listen Dane, I'm still a bit skeptical by all this and I'm only willing to
give it a try because I've got nothing to lose.  But if it isn't every bit
as good as you say it is, I'm going to return your library of tapes within
the 30 day trial period and keep the $915 worth of bonuses montioned in
your special offer.  And as agreed you'll immediately return my money (less
s&h).  On that basis only here is my order.  I've enclosed $149.95, plus $9
shipping & handling ($12 if it's going to Canada).  Please rush the package
to me at the address below.  And don't forget to include my $915 worth of
FREE bonus tapes.

  Note: Check here if you with to order by credit card or check

______ Check or Money Order   Check No. ________________

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Note: please make all checks and money orders payable to Zygon.  Washington
residents must add 8.2% sales tax ($12.30 plus $9 Shipping and Insurance -
$171.25 Total) Thank you.

Ship To:



City                              State                Zip




November 1990, Los Angeles, CA- An amazing new self improvement tape, the
Brain Supercharger recently underwent intense testing in Southern
California.  The unique tapes, manufactured by Zyhon International of
Seattle, Washington, utilize a breakthrough audio engineering process known
as nwuro-entrainment technology.  When listened to with stero headphones
they alter the listener's brainwave pattern inducing whole-brain sychrony.
Cumulative listening it is claimed, results in reduced stress, improved
mental functioning, increased creativity and intelligence, an increase in
sex drive, and suprisingly the need for less sleep.
    According to Dr. Lawrence Cory, directory of PSI Metrics, the
psychological testing organization that put the Brain Supercharger through
the rigorous testing, it delivers it's promise.  This fall D. Cory put the
Supercharger tapes through a battery of controlled experimenta using 80
test subjects in a double blind study.  The primary purpose of the study
was to see what effects, if any, this audio tape has on the mental
functioning of a listener.
    The results were published in a report issued by PSI Metrics.  The
conclusion?  "The experimental tapes accomplish waht they claim to
provide.  That is, they seem to hav a significant effect of the mental
functioning of it's listener, increasing his or her intellegence,
emotioanal stability, and alertness.  Conversely, a comparable group of
people, exposed for the same period of time to a placebo tape -- identical
in every respect except that it lacked the Brain Supercharger technology --
showed essentially no change," says Dr. Cory.
    Dr. Cory, goes on to report; "The psychological gains, in turn, appear
to translate into higher moral, deeper insight, more intellectual
adaptability, increased judgement, greater creativity, heightened
intuition, broader philisophical and aesthetic interests, and a positive
occupational outlook."
    These factors were measured against a placebo group who exhibited no
significant change.  Measurements were made using the standardized
phychological test the "16PF" devoloped by renowned psychologist, Dr.
Raymond Cattell, and his associates at the Institute for Personality and
Ability Testing.
    The report went on to further state, "Any differences between the
Supercharger and placebo groups would be due primarily to the who-brain
technology present in the Supercharger but lacking in the placebo tape.
The conslusions are clear, the Supercharger users scores were
"statistically significant" over the control group for htese faxtors,
leaving little doubt about the Supercharger's effectiveness and


Altering Brain States:  It is the secret of "Superhuman" feats?

    A firewalking yogi meditates for a few minutes, then walks barefoot 27'
across 1700 degree burning hot coals.  A meditating monk stops his heart
from beating then reactivates it minutes later by "thought power".  EEG
monitors hooked to mediating yogis and monk during these events register
strong alpha-theta waves.  What's the connection between meditation and the
brainwaves of individuals capable of "superhuman" feats?
    Zen meditators have been found to alter alpha/theta frequency according
to their depth of meditation, reports Japan's leading neurophysiologist,
Dr. Tomio Hirai.  He has correlated brain-wave patterns with certain stages
of meditation.  And according to Dr. Hirai, "Meditation is not merely a
state between mental stability and sleep, but a condition in which the mind
operates at the optimum.  In this condition the person is relaxed but ready
to accept and respond positively to any stimulus that may reach him."
    Research now confirms that brainwave rhythms correspond to certain
states of consciousness, and this suggests that individuals capable of
altering their brainwave patterns can have signifigant control over other
mental and physiological functioning.  As Elmer and Alyce Green of the
famous Menninger Institute first reported in the mid-70's, "...simply
causing your brain to generate theta activity for a few minutes each day
seems to have enormous benefits, including boosting the immune system,
enhancing creativity, and triggering integrative experiences leading to
feelings of psychological well-being."
    Biofeedback researchers have found that people who enter the "theta
state," expanded their states of consciousness, acquire super-receptivity
to new information, and demonstrate a greater ability to "rescript"
material on a subconscious level.  Even more astonishing are the findings
of a study conducted on a group of chronic alcoholics at a University in
Colorado.  After 13 weeks the group that learned to generate theta and
alpha brainwaves, showed a far greater recovery rate, and a complete
transformation of personality.  There is a remarkable body of evidence...



    The secret of these amazing soundtracks is the 3 breakthrough
technologies incorporated into the audio mix.
  1) The first is the neuro-entrainment matrix.  A special combination of
sound frequencies which entrain your brainwaves into a Theta pattern
unfolding a blissful state of deep relaxation.  Theta brainwaves mean more
than just deep relaxation.  This therapeutic mind-state is known for
improving mental capabilities.  A person becomes more intuitive and shows
improvements in I.Q. memory, creativity and perceptual abilities.
  2) The second breakthrough is the special mix of environmental sounds and
tones that are spatially directed to specific brain area.  These are
designed to enhance whole brain synchronization and expand even further
your mental capabilities.
  3) The third breakthrough incorporated into these tapes is the powerful
rescripting affirmations which are delivered onto your brain cells while
your subconscious is at peak receptivity.  Because the neuro-entrainment
matrix opens a window directly into the subconscious the programming
affirmations are more likely to stick.
    The synergistic combination of these 3 breakthroughs has resulted in a
new programming technology call "mindscripting."  The ability to alter
consciousness, induce whole brain synchrony, and reprogram belief systems
all at the same time.


Endorphin Link: Natural high may unlock door to peak performance

    Endorphins: Some call it a "runners high."  A europhic floating
sensation, created in the brain by opiatelike chemicals that act as the
body's natural pain killer.  An effective therapeutic tool in cases of
anxiety and depression, endorphins could also play a role in behavioral
    Here's the theory: If a behavior becomes linked to an endorphin
release, the brain associates that behavior with its opiatelike reward.
Each time the behavior pattern is repeated, the pleasure centers are
stimulated.  This internal reward system creates a built-in motivation for
repeating the behavior.  If you want to create a desireable behavior
pattern, simply link the appropriate action with an endorphin release, and
the motivation becomes automatic.


Enlightenment:  Awakening The Genius Within.

    The more the Supercharger tapes are used the easier is becomes to
produce and maintain Alpha/Theta rhythms.  As these states of higher
awareness become infused into normal brain activity, the result can lead to
what some have called a fifth state of consciousness, or an "awakened
mind."  In this state of illumination and bliss one sees the world as
distinctly as before but with a new mind that perceives the universe with
new meaning.  It's this experience of illumination that is the seed for all
breakthrough scientific theories, literary ideas, revolutionary inventions,
and artistic masterpieces.  The Supercharger technology induces these
states by forcing your brain to focus your mental energies inward...tapping
your own vast reserve of creative genius and eventually unfolding "an
enlightened state of awareness."


Amazing Side Effects: Less Sleep, Increased Sex Drive, and Enhanced Psychic

    An unusual side benefit of listening to the Supercharger tapes, is a
surprising need for less sleep.  Some users are able to reduce their sleep
requirement by as much as 3-4 hours each night, rising each morning feeling
refreshed as if they had slept a full 8 hours.  The reason?  It's believed
the tapes replace the need for extensive dreaming which is the main purpose
of sleep.
    Another interesting side effect, many users report a dramatic increase
in sex drive.  No one knows exactly why, but it may be linked to changes in
brain chemistry.
    But, perhaps the most unusual side effect is the reported increase in
psychic functioning, including episodes of precognition, out-of-body
experiences, and spontaneous channeling events.


Theta Connection: Enhancing Learning & Memory

    New research at the University of Colorado Medical Center indicates that
when people were trained to achieve and maintain theta brainwaves they did
indeed learn faster.

 Brain Supercharger Kit #1 - Ultra Success Conditioning
    The most popular Brain Supercharger  imprints a habit of cuxxess along
with winning behavior patterns into your subconscious.  Besides
supercharging your brain for greater mental capabilities, the success
affirmations reprogram negative beliefs about making money, and implant an
internal program for high achievement.

Brain Supercharger Kit #2 - Super Immunity & Health
    Boost your immune system and enhance your mind-body connection to ward
off sidease and improve health.  Stress is a major component in all
illness, and this Brain Supercharder kit is the ultimate tool in engaging
the mind to maintain health.

Brain Supercharger Kit #3 - Accelerated Learning & Memory
    Learn more in less time by programming your brain to focus and 
concentrate better.  Train your mind to operate at peak efficiency and
awaken your genius capabilities by synchronizing the left and right
hemispheres of your brain. 

Millionaire's Mind Kit #4 - Wealth Conditioning System
    The Millionaire's Mind system uses a super powerful new technology called
Neuro-Mapping to fuse the 21 success traits of a self-made millionaire onto
your brain cells.  An extremely complex audio matrix on side "A" of each tape
uses sound to stimulate the optimum brain chemistry and map new memories and
beliefs about success and wealth.  Side "B" of each tape acts as a triggering
tool to activate these new attitudes and bring about the appropriate high
achievement behavior.
    The six tapes included in your Millionaire's MInd kit are (1) Attracting
Prosperity & Wealth, (2) Self Confidence & Success Motivation, (3) Winning
Personality/Charisma (5) Communication & Mental Skills, (6) Time Management
& Organization.

           Thousands of "Supercharged" Customers Say It Best...

Steven Quong, Stockbroker

Tripled income first month, doubling it again the second month!

    "In September if this year, I had my worse month of the year in
gererating income.  I decided I had to make a major commitment to improve
my performance, beginning with the relolution of any subconscious conflicts
about achieving success...In October, my first month of using the tapes I
tripled my income from the previous month.  An the month after that I doubled
it again.  The only think I did differently was listen to these tapes,
principally the Ultra Success Conditioning Brain Supercharger tape.  The Zygon
tapes are vastly superior to all others on the market...They (the tapes)
produce altered states of consciousness of a profound nature.  They are
invaluable tools to enhance the developmental and learning processes by
providing controllable, repeatable entry into states of mind which are
rarely accessed consciously.  Unequivocally, the title of "King of Self
Improvement Tapes" goes to the Brain Supercharger by Zygon." 

    "Thanks for those extraordinary tapes.  I can't overemphasize my
pleasure with the Brain Superhcharger kit.  I think you have created
something that is unique and very special.  You've done an excellent job in
its design, purpose, packaging, and effectiveness.  I release stress so
much faster now, and have noticed after a meditation I have a sparkle and
shine in my eyes that wasn't there before.  This program has been a real
"God Send" for law school.  Law school is nothing but hard work and
stress.  Anyone involved in any type of school or serious study should own
these tapes."                                
                                             - Berrick Dewfirst, California

Dwight Brown & Patrica Brown, TV Reporter & Attorney
    Discovered new career path, improved love relationship!

    "I always had a wish to write a screenplay, but it had always been a
wish.  Never something I believed I could actually do.  I just sat down for
one extended weekend.  And I wrote it.  And now I have several agents who
have taken a serious interest in it.  That was an immediate benefit.  I
needed a trigger...I needed a catalys...I needed something in my life.  And
I think the tapes have been instrumental in in that...Within a week, I had
actual proof that I was doing something different.  There was some
transformation happening inside of me.  It's strange because it's a
completely different experience then anything I've ever tried.  These tapes
bring about benefits without the kind of effort that normally you would
have to make to change self-limiting behavior.           
                                                     - Dwight Brown

    "...Since we've been listening to the tapes, I would have to say that I
think we have a much better relationship.  Things that would cause blowouts
before, we just laugh at.  It's really wonderful."
                                                     - Patricia Brown

    "...I have been on the path to enlightenment since the 60's.  I've used
many different tapes and attended many seminars, trainings, etc.  The first
time I listened to your tape was in some ways similar to the aftermath of
my first rebirth session.  Both times I felt a clarity of mind and real
sense of experiencing the present moment to the fullest.  I felt very
powerful, joyful and ready to take on the world...No need to go though
mental exercises or countdowns-just lay back, relax and there I am- theta
bound.  Way a joy.  Who needs Disneyland with that kind of fun!" 
                                            - Dorothy McLeod, California

    "...I would like to say that your tape set is the most fantastic higher
consciousness tool I have ever come across, and I have been searching for
something like it for over ten years.  During my first session with tape 1, I
experienced what I can only describe as a body orgasm.  My entire body was
tingling and warm, and I felt I was going to levitate at any moment.  I also
had an overwhelming feeling that semething profound was happening to me.  I
can't describe how wonderful I felt.  I hope that the entire human race can be
turned onto these tapes because I think it would totally transform the
world..."                                       - Daniel O'Leary, Illinois

Barbara Gordon, Interior Designer

Increased income, Expaned personal powers!

    "What is so wonderful about these tapes, is that it really has tapped my
natural abilities.  It's not what anyone else has to offer.  It's what I have
to offer.  I feel so totally in control of my life, my relationships, and
myself.  I had an investment that that has been doing nothing and within a
couple of weeks of listening to the tapes, the investment took off and I got a
wondfall of thousands of dollars.  I think we've all experienced that part of
our lives when we're "on" so to speak, we know it's going to happen..we know
it's going to be great...but to feel that way all the time, and to have a
vehicle to help you keep that's just fantastic.  I love it.  I guess
it's what you makes you happy.  Because I'm really happy.

    "First of all, I must say I'm really fed up with all the hype and
exaggerated claims used to sell most of the self-improvement tapes on the
market.  I have an extensive collection of such tapes, and while some of
them are good, most of them just don't live up to their advertising...Such
disappointments cause one to become somewhat skeptical after awhile, and
indeed, when I placed my order for your tapes, it was with considerable
doubt that they could be as good as your ads made them sound.  Can you
imagine my surprise and utter delight when your tapes turned out to be even
better than your enthusiastic endorsements.  After listening only one time,
I knew without a doubt these were the tapes I had been searching for.
(Actually, one doesn't just listen to your tapes. one experiences them.  And
what a pleasurable experience it is!)"             
                                                   - Ron Gladwin, Oklahoma

Whitman Parker, Real Estate Agent

Increased income, and self worth!

    "I'm just so much more intuitive now after using the Supercharger tapes. 
Some very strong images come to me at times.  It's almost like being awake,
yet I'm dreaming.  I guess I'm just in tune with what's going on becuase I'm
attracting success and money.  Things have just fallen into my lap recently
that otherwise I don't think I would have had.  We're in a different market
right now than where we were.  It's a little slower.  It's a little tougher,
a little more difficult to make a buck.  But it hasn't affected me,  I'm

Note:  These testimonials are all unpaid and unsolicited.  These and
thousands more just like them in our files are examples of the people whose
lives were transformed by the power of these tapes. 


                  $915.00 WORTH OF BONUS TAPES - FREE!!!
The Super Brain Technology ($25 Value)

This audio report reveals startling new discoveries to awaken your creative
and intuitive powers.  You'll learn about the secrets behind the Brain
Supercharger technology, how it was developed.  Plus visionary ideas on
transformation and enlightenment.

Mastering Your ESP ($75 Value)

This bonus audio course will teach you to develop your hidden psychic
powers. You'll be given a powerful tool for accessing your inner voice.
Learn to separate true psychic impressions from mental noise, and develop
your "sixth" sense to make highly accurate desisions and win in personal and
business relationships. 

Mind Control Secrets ($75 Value)

Control your thoughts and emotions through the secrets outlined in the
"right thinking doctrine."  Use your mental powers to influence others and
control events in your life.  Reach your peak of personal power and

Awaken Your Mind Power ($500 Value)

Distilled version of a popular mind power seminar.  You'll recieve step by
step instruction in the Visioneering Technology, and learn a simple 5
minute technique to focus your mental energy and attract wealth & success
like a magnet.  Wipe out irrational fears.  Permanently change bad habits. 
Win in business and love.  And live a life of lasting peace and joy. 

12 Super Subliminal Programming Titles ($240 Value)

1) Master Fear & Anxiety                7) Stay Fit/Exercise Motivation    
2) Increase Focus & Concentration       8) Building Self Esteem
3) Permanent Weight Control             9) Mastering Stress
4) Eliminate Procrastination           10) Super Memory
5) Effective Public Speaking           11) Quit Smoking Forever
6) Attracting Love Relationships       12) Success Motivation

Six audio cassettes deliver 12 powerful subliminal titles which compliment
your Brain Supercharger Library, and Millionaire's Mind System.  Super
Subliminals provide a more reliable affirmation delivery system because they
guarantee registration onto the brain.


This file was transcribed from the January 1992 issue of OMNI magazine.

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