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Speed Seduction Notes - the distilled essentials

Save your money and read this:


Through your words and your behavior your going to influence peoples
internal representation directly (via language patterns) or directly
through changing their behavior or their emotional state.

Ultimately we're going for the internal representation of you connecting
with the person your talking to in a sexual or romantic, in a way that very
influential but they don't feel that resistance.  You want them to feel its
very natural, very flowing, very easy.  It's just the way they would think

1.  Get her attention and arouse curiosity.
2.  Create a state of incredible connection & fascination.
3.  Go for the horny states by using weasel phrases.
4.  Reach out and anchor the state on a specific body part.

1.  There is no such thing as attraction, lust or utter desire because they are
 states or frames of mind.
2.  Always communicate with an outcome in mind.
3.  The purpose of your communication is not to give her an understanding but
 to get your results.
4.  Do the steps in the right order.

1.  What states do I want her in?
2.  What states of mind or frames of mind do I want that women to experience
 when she is around me?

1.  Know your own needs in order to determine which patterns you use.
2.  If what your doing isn't working, switch to something else.
3.  Control the environment, don't leave it to chance.
4.  You can learn to do anything.

1.  In rapport all things are possible.
2.  If you have rapport you can do anything (the wildest suggestions, the most
 intimate idea's and the most aggressive seduction techniques are possible and
 very do-able, if you have rapport.)
3.  Rapport is a technique
4.  Assume Rapport
a.  assume they like you and you like them
b.  assume they trust you and you trust them
c.  assume you believe in them and they believe in you
5.  Act as if:
  a.  Act as if you already have it
  b.  Act as if you have known them for 2 or 3 years
6.  When you have rapport, whatever state you are in, they
    will follow.

1.  Be willing, be open, be with that person, be yourself is the degree that
 they too will respond the same way.
2.  They will see you as someone that they trust and believe in and want to be
 intimate with.

Skillful descriptions:
1.  All vague communication is hypnotic.
2.  There is no difference between a skillful description and a
     powerful direction.
2.  Direct her with enough detail, you might as well direct
     her to go into that state.
3.  When you skillfully describe a state of fascination, she will go
     into that state as readily as if she accepted a command or
4.  Skillfully describe my experience or someone else's
    experience and asking the women questions, this by passes
    her resistance and it can be used as a vehicle or frame work
    to imbed hypnotic suggestions and then to anchor her into
    states of absolute lust and total pleasure.

1.  Never be direct because directions causes resistance.
2.  Objections and decisions are state dependent.  If you don't
     like the decision then change the state and the decision will
     be gone.
3.  You cannot resist a decision you already made or believe is a
     good one.
4.  Mismatchers have objections or rejection of what they say
5.  To the degree you think, "I'm going to do something to
    you." Is the degree which they will resist you.

1.  Create the most intense loving relationship she has ever
     felt before by eliciting her values and rules.  Then you give
     her what she needs to see, hear or feel and then she knows
     she's with her ideal man.
2.  Clarify what values she wants then create the most
     incredible relationship(s).  Values have rules, find the rules
     behind the values.  You can either agree on the rules or
     change the values.
3.  Gain access to information by asking questions to leverage
     later on.
4.  If you want to get rid of her, you'll know how to disrespect
    her so she'll leave.

1. Leave an anchor or mind trigger and when you want her
    back in that state, fire off the anchor.
2.  Have her access body feelings in order to create states of
    lust then move her pictures and make them bigger and
3.  Voice tonality is important.
      4.  Anchor at the peak of the state.
      5.  Anchor every women in the same spot.
      6.  Anchor covertly by just talking about the state.
7.  Link anchors to yourself by using gestures.

Embedded commands:
1.  Get commands past her conscious knowing.
2.  When doing commands don't raise your tonality, drop it or speak softer.
3.  Mismatchers defy themselves into obeying me when I utilize negation.
4.  Pause before an embedded command.
5.  Utilize the "I,You" shift to imbed commands.

1.  Quotes can be used for anything.
2.  Quotes imbed without conscious knowledge.  It's a distancer and
3.  Use quotes to accelerate a state you already got her in.

Time Distortion:
1.  Time distortion key phrase:  "Imagine a time in your
     future…" or "Look forward to.."
2.  Distort her sense of time as women will believe they have
 been in love with you for months.
                    (You'll become her ideal man!)
a.  They never detect it
b.  They cannot resist.
   c.  They will never leave even if you violate their values

Phrases that induce trance:
1.  Find yourself...
2.  wonder...
3.  instantaneously..
4.  Think things differently..
5.  Convince yourself....
6.  Imagine....
7.  Go inside....
8.  Remember....
9.  Suddenly...
10.  Picture....

Weasel phrases:
1.  Weasel phrases set up your language so you can pop that command right in.
2.  Structure weasel phrases by sticking in a command verb then state or

3.  "When You.."
4.  "If you were to.."
5.  "If I were to.."
6.  "what's it like when you.."
7.  "A person can.."
8.  "As you.."
9.  "It's not necessary to.."
10.  "You really shouldn't.."
11.  "You don't have to.."
12.  "Have you ever.."

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