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Being Sociable

From Wed Aug 29 19:49:12 2001
Subject: Being Sociable/Noticed for Newbies
From: "Memetrace" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 02:49:12 GMT

I asked a question so I'll give a post for the Newbies.

I've had a few friends that have had much more success with women than most
others. The two guys I respect the most on the subject relate basically the
same views to me:

The most important things they say is to be talkative and always get
noticed. Get involved in the situation/conversation whatever it is. And try
to lead the conversation. You can ask questions to do this but also tell
some cool or funny stories. I've found this to be very true. Of course you
can't sound like you're bragging but having cool stories to tell about your
life works great. Make them laugh.

Always be the one to approach the group of girls when you are out with your
guy friends. You will have a head start since you become the 'ringleader'.
One of my friends always act surprised that our PUA friend takes all and he
doesn't get ANY leftovers. Well he's hanging with someone that looks better
AND takes the initiative etc.. He'd do better to initiate the approaches
himself. Of course I'll never be able to convince him that.

Don't take it too seriously either. If a girl shoots you down just laugh
about it and slap your friend on the back and walk on. There's another group
right around the block..

Of course newbies go to  and then go out and
try some PU's before you post.

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