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Suppliers of Smart Drugs

Newsgroups: alt.psychoactives
Subject: Smart drugs, nutrients & drink suppliers' adresses here
Date: Sat Sep 25 04:55:15 1993

Here's something I picked up from the new book "Brain Boosters: Food & Drugs
tha Make You Smarter" by Beverly Potter & Sebastian Orfali, Ronin Publishing,
Berkeley, 1993. ISBN: 0-914171-65-8 ($12.95 pb).
My apologies for the ugly format.


Alzheimer's Buyers Club, Box 7006, San Jose 1000, Costa Rica. Orgsanized by Dr. 
William Summers. Supplies THA and lecithin.

B. Mougios & Co. O.E., Pittakou 23 T. K., 54645, Thessaloniki, Greece. Supplies most 

Baxamed Switzerland Medical Center, Realpstrasse 83, CH-4054 Basel, Siwitzerland, 
FAX 061-301-38-72. Supplies smart pharmaceuticals by mail order.

Big Ben Export Co., Tudor Trading Co., P.O. Box 146, Mill Hill, London NW7 3DL, 
England. Supplies many smart pharmeceuticals that can be ordered with Visa and 

Cell Tech, 1300 Main St., Klamath Falls, OR. 97601, 503-882-5406. Suppliers of Super 
Blue-GreenTM microalgae products.

J. Channet, MD, Postfach, CH-891, Rifferswil, Switzerland. Supplies KH-3.

Discovery Experimental & Development, Mexico, N.A., B & B Freight Forwarding 
service, Inc., P.O. Box 7178, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543, 619-661-0010, 619-661-1070, 
Mexico: 011-5266-304464. Supplies liquid deprenyl which can be ordered COD by 
phone for 5-7 day UPS delivery.

Earth Girl's Get Smart Think Drink, 17370 Skyline Blvd., Woodside, CA 94062; 415-
851-9861, 800-783-MIND. Supplies smart drinks products.

Fountain Research, P.O. Box 250, Lower Lake, CA 95457, 800-659-1915. Supplies 
liquid deprenyl.

GH-7 Product Literature, 1920 Monument Blvd. #544, Concord, CA 95420

Global Medical Information Services, Pharmaceuticals International, 416 West San 
Yvidro Blvd., #715, San Ysidro, CA 92173. 619-492-8928, 800-365-3698, 
International,011-52-66-30-0680 for doctor consultation. Offers an extensive catalog of 
smart products by written request.

J-M Pharmacal Co. 251-B East Hacienda Ave., Campbell, CA 95008, 408-374-5920, 
800-538-4545. Wholesalers of amino acids. Customers can phone for a product and price 

Life Services Supplements, Inc., 81 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716; 800-
542-:32:30; 908-872-8700; Fax 908-872-8705. Sells  Pearson and Shaw products an 
offers distributorships.

Longevity Plus Buyer's Club, U Dubu 27,147 00 Prague 4-Branik, Czechoslovakia. 
Supplies rnany smart pharmaceuticals and accepts personal checks. Will send an order 
form upon request.

The Mail Order Pharmacy, 3170 North Federal Highway, Suite 104B, Lighthouse Point, 
Fl 33064, 800-822-5388; Fax 800-487-1821. Fills doctor prescriptions by mail order.

Masters Marketing Co. Ltd., Masters House No. 1 Marlborough Hill, Harrow Middx., 
HA1 1TW, England, Fax 081-427-1994. Supplies a wide range of smart pharmaceuticals 
and other products. Interested persons must write or Fax specifying information on 
specific products for a price quotation.

Mexican pharmacies supply nootropics over the counter without a prescription and are 
usually less expensive than ordering by mail order.

Nutritional Engineering, Ltd, Box 1320, Georgetown, Grand Cayman, British West 
Indies; 800-949-8279; Fax 809-949-7602. Supplies Vitacel products created by Dr. 
Robert Koeh. Customers can order by phone or fax with a credit card.

Qwilleran, Box 1210, Birmingham, B10 9QA, England. Supplies most nootropics and 
some AIDS drugs. Inquiries must specify the products you are interested in.

Smart Products, 870 Market Street, Suite 1262, San Francisco, CA 94102; Phone: 800-
858-6520; Fax 415-981-3334. Supplies smart nutrient products. Orders can be placed by 
phone with credit card or by mail with personal check. Discounts on orders over $100 and 
two day delivery is available.

Sun-Chlorella Ca. Inc., 2641 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Redondo Beach, CA 90278, 213-
536-0088. Suppliers of chlorella microalgae products.

Wholesale Nutrition, Box 3345, Saratoga, CA 95070, 800-325-2664, FAX 408-867-6236. 
Supplies smart nutrients. Orders can be placed by phone with credit card. Two day 
delivery is available.

World Health Services, P.O. Box 20, CH-2822 Courroux, Switzerland. Supplies many  
European pharmaceutcalst that have not been approved by the FDA.


Aslan Institute, Inc., Miami, FL,; 800-833-9834. Residential program providing 
traditional Ana Aslan treatment.

American College of Advancement in Medicine, Box .3427, Laguna Hills, CA 92654. 
714-583-7666 or 800-532-3688. Maintains a list of physicans with expertise in life
extension and cognative enhancement.

Life Extension Foundation, 2490 Griffin Rd., Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33012; Box 229120, 
Hollywood, FL 33022; 305-966-4886, 800-841-5433. Members receive monthly 
newsletter, discounts at The Mail-Order Pharmacy, helpful directories to life extension
doctors and innovative medical c linics. Membership is $50.

Nutrient Cafe Smart Drinks, Chris Beaumont, Box 170156, San Francisco, CA 94117. 
415-267-6178. Provides a smart bar with smart drinks for events.

Smart Bars For Hire, Smart Products, 870 Market Street, Suite 1262, San Francisco, CA 
94102; 800-858-6520; Fax 415-981-3334. Provides a smart bar and smart drinks for 
events and recipes for people putting on their own smart bars.

Dr. William Summers, 624 West Duarte Rd., Suite 101, Arcadia, CA 91007; 818-445-
6196; Fax 818-445-4204. Works with families of Alzheimer's patients and affiliated with 
the Alzheimer's Buyers Club.

wu wei

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