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Social Engineering Telco Numbers from Bell's Independent Competition

social engineering telco numbers from   
bell's independent competition       
by purp                    

    "Hi Joe, What's up with you today nerd?" said Purp as he jumped outta his
newly purchased k-rad pinto that he had purchased from three mexicans in 
exchange for a few k0d3z and a gram of reefer, "Well," said Joe, "I do not 
know my local anac, ringback, or some other trivial number that any half 
intelligent motherfucker would have.  Some of the kids at the local payphone 
hold me down make me scream 'CHIRP' and then blast bluebox tones in my filthy
earhole." Purp thought about how lame Joe was and decided he would write him
a text file explaining the ease of attaining these numbers.


   phonebook covering the area you want numbers from
   working phoneline
   a voice capable of sounding older than a prepubescent kid

--being intruction

     Open the phonebook and look up 'telecommunications'; write down any
     entries that say they offer "telephone/pbx installation" or something of
     that nature.  This is an article about big telco's indenpendant 
     competition, so you mainly want local business'.  Social engineering 
     bell's is gonna take a little more effort than this.

     Next, we call the first one on the list, EnemaComm "we're your local 
     assholes!" Some dumb ho will answer the phone, for this article she will
     be referred to as the HFB, (Helpful Fat Bitch).  Anyway, when they HFB
     answers the phone she will say "Thank you for calling EnimaComm, this is
     Bimbo how may i help you?"  You will be quick to notice she's not an 
     operator, she's a fucking secretary!  

Now, spin your little script, make it sound like you are working and in a 
rush. If the HFB asks you where you work, be creative, it's not hard to 
bullshit a secretary.

  YOU:   dial the local first independant telco on your list

  HFB:  "Hi thanks for calling EnemaComm, This is Bimberly what can i help 
         you with?"

  YOU:  "Hi Bimberly you doin alright today?

  HFB:  "Oh I'm doing good, what can i help you with?"

  YOU:   "Listen hun, This is John, im working out here on a trouble ticket
          in <nearby city> yeah i got all these pairs here and now way to 
          match em to their owners, my other handset is broke and i had my
          <anac/ringback/DATU/keypadtest/etc> number(s) programmed in it's
          memory.  I never carry my number book around anymore so I'm kinda 
          in a bind here, darlin, I'd really appreciate it if you could find
          me (this/these) number(s) really quick so i could get movin in time
          for (lunch/dinner) *chuckle*."

HFB:   "Sure, gimme just a sec"

      Now, the HFB should return shortly with your number(s).  If she doesnt
      and you get in trouble, then you suck and you should give up phreaking
      until you're at least 15. :P When she does return never be
      disrespectful, that's how things stop working, even if they say they 
      wont help you and dont know who you are, say "thank you, i'll get in 
      touch with my supervisor."  Don't let them know for a fact they had S.
      E. attempts.

			--- purp

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