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Scrypnosis - A Beginner's Guide to Hypnosis Now public domain

From: (David I. Brager)
Subject: "scrypnosis" is now public domain.
Date: 19 Mar 2003 20:57:18 -0800

A Beginner's Method to Hypnosis
By David Ian Brager

As my gift to the world in an effort to help people cope with life in
war and peace, I place this method in the public domain for all to
learn and use.
February 2003

The method:  

By disclosing a text of every word which is to be stated in the form
of what would normally be a hypnosis session to an intended listener,
or at minimum, to explain in great details the exacting logical
process of which is intended to be used, in advance of each
application, and to embed this disclosure in the body of a
legally-binding contract, the intended listener not only signs (or
clicks) an agreement to acknowledge and comprehend that all hypnosis
is self-actuated, but also that, should anyone read such a script to
them, the reader is ONLY A READER, that the author of such script is
ONLY A WRITER, that any performers creating stimulations of any kind,
including visual, sound, and sensation effects, are there for
entertainment purposes only, and thus accepts that not only is THE
LISTENER IS THE ONLY ONE DOING HYPNOSIS, that such listener accepts
any and all liability from participating in such an experience and
further accepts any changes, whatsoever, perceived or experienced, in
their own person or personality, from this day forward for all time.

Hypnosis participants must accept they are ultimately responsible for
their own actions and are not, in or at any time, under the influence
of any other person.  Such persons must further accept and hold
harmless any other person who participates in any manner in the
delivery of such data or performance, of any kind, including but not
limited to sound effects, visual effects, or otherwise, to enhance
such performance.

"Scrypnosis" as a terminology is being placed in the public domain. 
It is a word that distinguishes its application separate from hypnosis
in that, with standard hypnosis, the speakers/performers do not
disclose each and every nuance of what they are going to perform, and
thus require the trust of the listeners.  Scrypnosis reveals all and
leaves little to trust.

A scrypnosis contract falls in five sections.  

   1. The preamble, to explain what is intended to be accomplished.  
   2. The induction method (BEGINNINGS modules) that is to be
employed, explained at great detail so that the logic is fully
   3. The subroutines (MIDDLES modules) of what are intended to be
accomplished, including any post-hypnotic suggestions, which the
listener can trigger at his or her own will, for rapid adaptation and
implementation of  self-control.
   4. The session conclusion (ENDINGS modules), including awakening,
dream programming, lucid dream creation, or sleep enhancements.
   5. The rest of the legal contractual data, including all text as
noted above, and the signature or acceptance clicks on the part of the
intended listeners or participants, and witnesses, if any.

Thus, scrypnosis is a method to hypnosis that has been developed and
tested to allow absolute beginners the ability to obtain the successes
of that of advanced hypnotists. Such success is accomplished without
having to earn the trust of the listener, for the intended listener
must have the opportunity to have read and understand all script-logic
in advance of each and every session, unless such listener so chooses
to not receive such information.

As with any contract, it is absolutely recommended that all intended
listeners read their contracts fully and are comfortable with the
logic in advance of any session, for to do so, one can more rapidly
detect variations or deceit on the part of a reader who has his or her
own agenda, separate than that found in the script.

If a reader does stray off the script and does input words and logic
of his or her own devising, then, at that point, the person is  doing
hypnosis, and thus takes on additional risks of such employ.  The
process of advanced hypnosis employs improvisation.  Such must be left
to the employ of experts or very seasoned intermediate scrypnosis
users.  Beginners run the risks of involving themselves in what are
known as abreactions, which, though rare, do happen.  By using
contracts, if the listener has an abreaction even after reading the
entire script and signing the contract, the listener wasn't listening
to that person's own conscience, and thus, created that situation
himself/herself, and is fully responsible for it.

Most mental adjustments are a decision based on coping and adapting to
life situations.  Scrypnosis can help alleviate these, but some people
may still require psychotherapy, and so, the use of scrypnosis may or
may not be included in your psychological therapy.  To do so without
at least the knowledge of your psychological counselor may be a breach
of that counselor's ethics.  Therefore, it is recommended that if you
are in treatment, you first consider letting that practitioner know so
that such professional can either benefit from such choices, or give
their views as to why such would not, in their view, be a reasonable
tool at that time.  Of course, the final decision is yours and the
responsibility for such decision is also yours.

This entire message, noted above, can be found at:

This method is public domain.  

The modules I put forth, at my website, are copyrighted and are to be
used for personal or educational use only.  Commercial applications
require licensing.  That website is reached via:

and there is NOTHING FOR SALE at my site.  Therefore, this post is, in
no way, spam.

Due to needs to cut my bandwidth, all graphics have been removed,
except the Babelfish translator, which is outsourced from Alta-Vista. 
Graciously, the translator offers the site in French, Spanish, German,
Italian, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.

In these times of war, where there are grave sources of stress and
pain.  Hypnosis provides both free pain relief, as well as escapism
when nothing else is available.

Scrypnosis is for beginners to achieve the success of an expert
hypnotist in that the listener must be educated in advance of any
session and allowed either to edit such a script or at minimum, to
read every word.  If the end user so chooses to not read the contract
and just clicks or signs the agreement, such still accounts as an
agreement between end user and script performers and writers,
alleviating their liabilities.

Markets exist which are yet untapped that will require stronger
subconscious mind use, including but not limited to Dr. Andrew
Junker's Cyberlink Interface (which is found at and
Dr. Larry Fallwell's recognition brainwave system (which can be found
at  Video games and CAD systems may get a great
boost once these technologies are more universally adapted.  However,
their ease of adaptability will be steadily heightened once people
learn to use and strengthen their subconscious minds.

Just about 110 years ago or so, the only way one could get into acting
was to be an apprentice for another actor.  Constantine Stanislavski
changed all this when he developed a method to acting which allowed
beginners easier access to understanding the process of being a

Hypnosis, has tried to be tested in medical research, but as there has
been no universally adapted platform, the medical results are suspect
to those of whom are doubtful as to the validity of hypnosis.  By
having a universal platform on which all testing can be held
consistent and all listeners/participants made contractually aware of
their responsibilities and their tasks, the process removes fear,
doubt, and inconsistency.  The people who have fear, doubt, and
concerns DO NOT SIGN THE CONTRACT, and by their own actions, remove
themselves from the failure column.  Of course, anyone who signs a
contract they don't believe is valid shouldn't be signing such
contracts anyway.

Therefore, by developing scrypnosis as a public domain platform that
allows amateurs to test on themselves with the consistency, clarity
and understanding of liability, hypnosis will finally leap past the
freakshow that stage hypnotists have created for the past century. 
Hypnosis works.  People just need total disclosure to get the maximal
understanding of how to obtain effectiveness for their own benefit and

The human mind is not "like a computer."  Instead, it is a computer,
and the only people who should be allowed to do any reprogramming must
first and foremost be the individuals themselves.  Scrypnosis allows
subroutines to be used so that a top-down programming language in
plain language can give the brain the abilities to revise any and all
memories, and to change one's decision process memories by adapting to
one's Current Age In Life State Of Mind (CAILSOM).  The CAILSOM then
allows the past to be updated to present values and conditions, thus
eliminating fears, for things that frightened a three-year-old self
isn't likely to frighten a 31 yr. old CAILSOM.

In any event, people need to learn hypnosis now.  The time for needing
its pain relief and reality altering abilities may come too soon.  If
you don't learn it now, it might be too late when you do need it.

Peace, now that war has begun,

David Ian Brager

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