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An article on Bandler's persuasion engineering and DHE

Persuading yourself into greater success

An article on Bandler's Persuasion Engineering and DHE
Written and published by Thorsten Hassiepen
May 3,1996

Have you ever been to any seminar, which gave you some really new thoughts
you thought you have had before ? Well, something like this happened to me
when I have attended Richard Bandler's two seminars last year here in

I have seen Richard the year before in Munich in the trainer's training and
was totally overwhelmed by his abilities to persuade people into all kinds
of pleasant states. I saw him as the master of State Induction, because
whenever he did anything you almost felt the air in the room chaning to
something else, as if there was something new yet to come and there you
went ! It was just fabulous and there's no way to describe it but to
experience it.

With all that in mind, I read an article about DHE, which is one of the
newer developments by Richard Bandler. It didn't really caught much of my
interest, because there were people there, who were talking it into being
only a bad copy of NLP, just being the other way around. Some of the
articles then published in the press were only talking about things I would
really want to be part of.

Thus I went on without any more thinking of this new development and just
sticking with the old NLP-techniques helping me and others so far.

Then suddenly there were all of these ads appearing on the NLP magazines,
advertising the courses by Richard like Persuasion Engineering, DHE,
Optimizing Life's Success and the trainer's training.

What struck me first, was the major increase on the prices since they some
were almost doubled compared to the year before. But still there was
something about that was kind of glued to the back of my mind, telling me
that it might be very interesting to go on and read on what was going on
there, so I did.

Every ad promises to brind more success to your life and to increase your
wellbeing, your pleasure and so on. So I finally somehow found myself
signing up for the Persuasion Engineering and the DHE courses. The third
one offered (Optimising Life's Success) I could sign up for, since the
company I was then working for was taking me on a tight schedule and it was
hard enough to get out of it for the two weeks anyhow. So I convinced
myself and went ahead to these seminars.....

Like always I was one of the first persons arriving at the scene and thus
secured a place for myself way up in front. The big speakers on both sides
of the stage were looking into the room and filling it with soft but trancy
music. The lights were dimmed and all windows curtained, so it was only me
and the others. Everyone who came in was kind of shy at first, but we
didn't know yet, that this was about to change very quickly.

Having all of this in mind I suddenly found myself drifting of to some
other dimension as I was listening to this trancy music flooding the room
in a way you could barely hear, but it was there and it most certainly
affected everyone in this way.

The the big moment came and Richard Bandler entered the room. He almost
instantly got attention from anyone as he walked in from the back (what a
metaphor, isn't it) and pulled everyone's mind to a charged up yet relaxed
level when he then began to speak with his friendly voice tone which put me
into a deep trance instantly !

I tried invane to stay alert and to consciously follow his tales and his
methods and techniques, but the only things I then could remember, were
that he looked at me, told me to "change the way you see" and to "go into
an even deeper trance, now!" as I then drifted of to somewhere else.

During the whole week this happened to me again and again and I listened to
Bandler's tales with great fascination, because his way of telling them,
you have the feeling of almost beeing at the scene and being an eye-witness
of anything he is speaking of.

Interupted by the exercises, where I only had a short chance to come out of
trance after finishing the listening and reading, the group was enjoying
the seminar more and more. During the exercises you heared people laughing
all over the place, kindly reminded by Richard and his assistants to have
"more pleasure" all the time.

Probably the term that was used the most, was the great question of "HOW
MUCH PLEASURE CAN YOU STAND ?" And it seemed as if everyone in the room
only lived up to that question to find out, that can always be more . . .

Having learned all of that we exercised the seeing of other peoples
pictures, when they are describing what they want, would like, must have or
need. We put ourselves into all kinds of different states in order to lead
the other into the same state. I never would have believed that persuading
someone of something could be that easy if you only know how.

During the seminars we also installed our control panels for controlling
all of our submodalities (here we go with those words again) and to create
all kinds of new and better feeling. We installed great new machineries
into our panels and I even went ahead and built in a small laboratory for
mixing up my own chemicals, because you actually can release them into your
system by simply doing some thinking, like the famous endomorphines !

Some nights I was so excited I could even go to sleep, because I had to
search for new things to add to my panel. I even found myself sitting in
front of the table in my room and playing with my panel and laughing for
almost half an hour without having any reason for it, but feeling good in a
new way. That really convinced me of the great effect the seminar had on

Thus, having learned a lot of new things I could and have added to my life,
I gratefully left at the end of the seminars and thanked Richard for the
great sight he opened up to me. These seminars weren't just seminars, they
were somewhat more, they were exciting, they were filled with pleasure and
fun, they were filled with excited people and they had good impact on my
future life.

If you ever have the chance to attend one of Bandler's seminars do so.
Don't let anyone talk you out of this, except when he is standing in front
of you pointing a gun in your direction. And even then, just tell him, how
great people thought those seminars have been and he will understand and
let you go, because if you really want to get ahead in life, you must and
will go see and experience Bandler in a live-seminar as soon as possible.

For my part, I am looking forward to being able to attend one of the next
seminars he is offering and hopefully will have the time to go there. As
for the money I found out, it is well worth every penny invested, because
it already paid back in every place of my life.

So, go for it and always keep in mind, "HOW MUCH PLEASURE CAN YOU STAND . .
. "

(C) 1996 by Thorsten Hassiepen
Hauptstrasse 31, D-41844 Wegberg
NOTE: PERSUASION ENGINEERING and DHE are trademarks registered by Dr. Richard Bandler !

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