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Obtain an unlisted phone number EASILY

Obtain an unlisted phone number EASILY

Published 4-8-09

By : totallyAunti


This is a technique I've used myself and is extremely quick and easy to

To start with, obtain their name and home address.  It doesn't matter if
you have their old number or not nor does it matter how long their
number has been unlisted.

Call their telephone company posing as them, or if it's the opposite sex
pose as their live-in boyfriend or girlfriend.  When the phone company
rep comes on the line say this, "This is (insert name here).  I'm
calling because I have a touch of Alzhiemers and I can't recall what my
phone number is.  Can you help me please?"  Believe it or not you don't
have to "sound like an old person" since there are many people who get
this disease AT AN EARLY AGE, as early as 30!!  They usually fall for it
and easily without hassle give you the current phone number.

Sounds so easy it's almost funny to type this in :) Their gullibility is
our gain :D

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