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Non-chemical altered states. J. Hunter

                     NON-CHEMICAL ALTERED STATES
                           by Jeff Hunter

    Almost all methods used to create altered states using non-chemical
means rely on changing the most powerful frequency at which the brain 
operates and synchronizing both hemispheres of the brain so that they 
both oscillate in phase.

    The brain operates at many different frequencies simultaneously.
The EEG that you see hooked up to people's heads on TV "hospital
shows" measures the most powerful frequency at the spot where the
electrode is attached to the skull. The different spots of the skull
will show up as different squiggly lines on the EEG's readout, each
line representing the dominant frequency of that particular spot at a
particular moment in time.

    The oldest method used to alter the brain's dominant frequency is
probably meditation, where, after many years of practice, a successful
meditator can enter an altered state of consciousness at will.

    In the 1960's scientists found that by using biofeedback techniques
people could dramatically improve their ability to change their
brain's dominant frequency. People hooked up to biofeedback machines
could hear or see the dominant frequency, which was simply turned into
an amplified tone or a flashing light. Then, by doing "something"
inside their skulls, they could turn the frequency down from the 
normal 20 Hz or so of waking consciousness (beta waves) to 10 Hz alpha
waves. Alpha waves are associated with enhanced creativity, mental
alertness, and original thinking.

    Some people could even bring their frequency down to 5 Hz or so,
the delta waves associated with visions, deep reverie, and hallucina-

    Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we no longer have to
put up with the slow, old-fashioned method of biofeedback. In this day
and age of instant gratification we now bring you:

                     Instant Total Consciousness
                       (batteries not included)

    No, I'm not kidding. There really are ways to almost instantly
alter your consciousness without a guru or drugs.

    The simplest method is to don a pair of headphones where one
earpiece plays a tone of 400 Hz and the other plays a tone of about 
404 Hz. This sets up a beat frequency of 4 Hz inside your skull. Your
brain "tunes in" to this frequency and starts resonating at 4 Hz.
Don't try to just pump in 4 Hz to both ears because your ears can't
hear much below 20 Hz, so the effect would be wasted.

    You can also wear a pair of goggles which have flashing lights
mounted on them. Make the lights flash at 4-7 Hz and you've got an
instant tripper machine.

    An extremely low current oscillating at 4-7 Hz with electrodes
placed directly on the skin will also work. One guy in the business
sells these small, cloth-wrapped metal plates that you wet down and
stick in your socks. Then you carry a little box the size of a Walkman
around which has wires attached to the metal plates. The box puts out
a 5-200 microampere current oscillating at around 7 Hz. A very port-
able tripping device.

    For those of you into sensory depravation, try the Lilly Tank.
Just like in the movie _Altered_States_, this tank will change the
frequency at which your brain operates. Also try Ganzfeld Goggles. A
pair of old diving goggles covered with blue toilet paper will do.
Just lay back on a bed with these goggles on and stare into a light
bulb. The toilet paper turns the light from the bulb into a uniform
glowing blue field. Since your eyes have nothing to focus on, your
brain keeps itself busy by hallucinating. (This effect may take 
from 5-20 minutes to occur.)

    All of these ideas are actual products which you can buy. Since
the waveform and amplitude of the sound or electricity is fairly
important for good results, commercial mind machines are better than
most "homebrew" jobs. If you'd like more detailed information on
these devices read _Mega_Brain_ by Michael Hutchison, published by
Ballentine Books, available in the Science/Psychology section of your
local bookstore. That's where I got all of this info from. For 
purchasing information on the machines I've mentioned write to 
Megabrain, P.O. Box 1059, Cooper Station, New York, NY, 10276.

  |-@@-|   Jeff Hunter
  |  > |   & the Temple of the Screaming Electron
  ( \/ )   Walnut Creek, California
   \__/    (415)935-5845

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